Learn How to Count Cable Rows Quickly-Video Tutorial

How to Count Cable Rows in Knitting-Video tutorial with Marly BirdToday I want to continue from the Exquisite Cable Throw Knitting Pattern tutorial with a pro tip about counting your cables. Although I am using the Exquisite Cable Throw for my demonstration you can use this tip for any knitting cable. Join me and learn how to count knit cable rows.

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Not long ago I showed you how to make the Exquisite Cable Throw, a FREE knitting pattern from Red Heart. The Exquisite Cable Throw is designed with a four stitch cable. Throughout the tutorial I show tips for making your knitting easier while working cables. One of the tips that I talked about was knitting cables without a needle, a great technique to have in your tool box. Knowing how to do simple cables without a needle makes the process progress faster.

How to Count Cable Rows in Knitting-Free Video Tutorial with Marly Bird

As you work your cables you will need to know when to work each repeat. Paper and pencils notes are a great way to keep track of where you are in the pattern but it does become labor intensive. My tip for you in this tutorial is how to track your cables quickly.

By using a removable stitch marker on the row that had a cable you can easily count the rows until the next cable. As you work through the next cable crosses you can move, or add a second, your removable stitch marker to that row. The stitch marker allows you to easily count your cable row repeats. These can be purchased or you can make your own. Learn how to make removable stitch markers with a few supplies from the Jewelry Making isle of your craft store in my FREE removable stitch markers video tutorial.

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