Lantern Moon by Knitter’s Pride

Our friends at Knitter’s Pride have recently acquired the brand rights for Lantern Moon and its range of knitting and crochet products! They relaunched the brand in mid-December and we are loving the products that they’ve gifted us to try!

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History of Lantern Moon

The name Lantern Moon may ring a bell to you. In the early 2000’s, the line was distinguished by its elegant design, the beauty of its materials and its support of indigenous craft and the people that produced it in Vietnam.

Due to production issues, the needles were no longer able to be produced in Vietnam but that’s where Knitter’s Pride was able to jump in and help. They’ve pulled production into their facilities and are working closely with the original brand creators, Joel and Sharon Woodcock, to ensure the integrity of the designs is maintained.

Knitter's Pride relaunches Lantern Moon brand
pictured: BeQuest Tunisian Set, Mindy Sleeve

Lantern Moon’s Exquisite Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks

The elegant and contemporary needles and hooks are made of ebony wood. It is a premium ebony with a polished, tight grain that is extremely resilient and smooth for an enjoyable knitting/crochet experience. The fixed and interchangeable needles have a smooth join featuring kink-free cords.

In other words, Lantern Moon needles and hooks are high-quality. You’ll enjoy the glide of the yarn against the wood as you work. It will make your crafting experience easier and more delightful. When Knitter’s Pride took over Lantern Moon production, they made sure to retain that high quality.

Moreover, these are beautiful products. Therefore, if you’re the type of crafter who enjoys displaying your tools when you aren’t using them, then you’re going to take pleasure in these products.

Lantern Moon by Knitter's Pride
pictured: Meadow Drawstring Bag

Lantern Moon Storage Bags and Accessories

In addition to the beautiful needles and hooks, there are beautiful storage bags and accessories! For example, the Meadow Drawstring Bag is adorable. It is the perfect size for a project on-the-go! Pack up projects that you want to take with you to work on in lines and during a commute.

Similarly, the Mindy Sleeve is the perfect storage for darning needles and embroidery scissors with its magnetic clasp! The size, design, and style are all exactly right. If you enjoy having your craft supplies well-organized inside of beautiful storage products, then you’ll want to make sure to check out this section of Lantern Moon by Knitter’s Pride.

Lantern Moon by Knitter's Pride products for knitters and crocheters
pictured: Tunisian BeQuest set, Mindy Sleeve, Stitch Marker Pouch

Other Cute Things

Honestly, if you’re ready to do some treat-yourself shopping, you’ll find so much good stuff over at Lantern Moon by Knitter’s Pride. There are adorable tassel stitch markers in beautiful jewel tones! A sock monkey tape measure and an adorable sheep accessory holder round out the helpful tools that every knitter and crocheter needs. If you like cute, but still grown-up, fun supplies that are also high-quality because you take your craft seriously, then you’ll want to check out what they have to offer. We here at Marly Bird were glad we got that oportunity.

Sock Monkey Tape Measure
knitting and crochet supplies and storage
tassel stitch markers

Honesty, we here at team Marly Bird are so excited by this relaunch and hope that you all enjoy these products as much as we are! What will be the first thing you grab?!

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