Knit Shawls and Wraps in One Week

If you enjoyed Seamless Sweaters in 2 Weeks by Marie Greene you are going to LOVE her newest book, Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week. Patterns in this book are designed with easy to remember repeats and efficient stitch patterns making it possible to finish a shawl in two weeks. Learn more about this book and what Marie has been doing on the Yarn Thing Podcast with me.

About Olive Knits:

Marie Greene is the designer behind the scenes (and needles) of Olive Knits. She is also the author of Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week. She learned to knit at her grandmother’s side when she was around 11 years old and – as her family and friends can attest – she never puts her needles down.

Marie loves spreadsheets, Nordic Noir, sturdy bags with handles, rainy days and dinner parties. She’s an early EARLY riser (4 AM! Yikes!), loves Mondays. Coffee, Pinot Noir, stinky cheese and nachos. 

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Marie is known for seamless sweaters that fit well for any figure and focuses on timeless designs that you’ll wear for years to come. In addition to her designs, Marie travels the world teaching sweater knitting techniques, leads a thriving community of knitters online and is the author of the new book Knit Shawls in 1 Week.

Don’t forget to check out the last podcast with Marie when she was on to talk about her last book Seamless Sweaters in 2 Weeks.

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  1. joyce hancock says:

    Great podcast, as usual. This sounds like a wonderful book she has written. I Love Shawls, so if would be a great addition to my book collection.

  2. Rhonda Kehrberg says:

    I love shawls! They are my favorite thing to knit because one size fits all! Marie was a fantastic guest. ❤️

  3. Gail Watkins (aka knitting knana) says:

    Oh my goodness, I found the blog all by myself. I’m 68 and not very computer literate. I LOVE SHAWLS. I knit them as prayer shawls for St. Luke’s church’s prayer ministry. I would love more patterns. I think I’ve knitted and crocheted every shawl pattern of yours and many I have found on Ravery and Love Crafts. Thank you for all you do for us “yarn nuts” and thank you for considering my entry. thank you, gail

  4. Melodie T. says:

    I love shawls! Knitting one right now and really anxious to try one from Marie’s new book, when released. Thanks for chance to win the eBook.

  5. Christal Taylor says:

    I Love Shawls! I didn’t get to watch live but I really enjoyed watching, can’t wait to try more shawl patterns. I am also interested in seamless sweater patterns.

  6. Cindi Kallas says:

    I love shawls…………and want to knit them! Loved your podcast! I also need to purchase Marie’s sweater book. Thank you so much!

  7. Zen Knitter says:

    I love shawls! So much so that I pre-ordered Marie’s new book within minutes of receiving her OLIVE KNITS email. Already have the sweater book as well, the sweaters don’t fit into the time line for me. So…….I give them a week per size, tada. Love the show and love the guests.

  8. Ivete Pinto says:

    I love shawls, I am currently on a shawl spree for xmas gifting. I love this book. If I don’t win (probably won’t) I have to purchase a copy 🙂

  9. Lynn Swanson says:

    I love shawls. Just found you – enjoyed the broadcast and looking forward to more – I have subscribed

  10. Kay S says:

    I love shawls, and I love Marie’s patterns! Can’t wait for this new book to come out, so I can add even more of her patterns to my long list of things I want to knit!

  11. Serena Lee says:

    I LOVE shawls! I am starting to get mildly obsessed, so a book with a ton of beautiful shawl patterns sounds PERFECT! 🙂

  12. Elise says:

    I love shawls especially lace and in crescent or asymmetrical ones. I have recently become interested in sweaters so I will look for your other book also

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