6 Knit and Crochet Trends with Free Patterns for Each of Them

If you’re not sure what you want to make next, then you might find yourself browsing for inspiration. Of course, you can sift through Ravelry patterns or P:interest boards. But maybe you’d be better off honing in on some hot knit and crochet trends. Here are six fun trends that Yarnspirations designers have identified along with lots of links and patterns related to those trends.

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top knit and crochet trends 2021

1. Ancient Crafts

Check out the Yarnspirations Trend Spotting Lookbook. Yarnspirations asks us designers about our thoughts on current trends, the lookbook shows what we came up with for right now. The first thing up is the trend celebrating Ancient Crafts.

The idea here is to celebrate the crafts are ancestors used in their daily lives. Of course, knitting and crochet are celebrated crafts of the past. But in particular these patterns combine earth tones, ancient motifs, and rich textures.

For example, check out the Lily Sugar’n Cream Mosaic Stitch crochet dishcloth free pattern:

mosaic crochet dishcloth free pattern

And the free knit pattern for the Bernat Slip Stitch blanket:

slip stitch knit blanket

2. Playful Abundance

The next section of the knit and crochet trends look book is all about celebrating spring. It’s about bright colors, bold prints, florals and lots of layered embellishments. It’s playful and creative.

For example, check out the Caron Crochet Petal Pillows free pattern:

crochet petal pillows

And the free knit pattern for the Pom Pom Poppies Blanket:

Pom Pom poppies knit blanket

3. Minimalism

Just because abundance is one of the knit and crochet trends that some people love doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. In fact, the exact opposite – minimalism – is also trending right now. If you’re more on the minimalist side, then check out these patterns. They’re neutral in tone with clean lines, letting the knit and crochet stitches be the stars of the show.

For example, check out the Lily Sugar’n Cream Lunar Lunch Crochet Placemats.

crochet placemat pattern

The Patons Fade to Summer Gradient Knit T-Shirt is the perfect example of how a minimalist knit design can look super sophisticated. No wonder this is one of spring’s knit and crochet trends.

knit and crochet trends minimalism

4. Power of Circles

Circles are powerful symbols found all throughout nature. The moon, the sun, the planets … and smaller and bigger things as well. Because it’s springtime it’s a great time to be in touch with nature. So the power of circles is one of the most inspiring knit and crochet trends.

The Bernat Crochet It’s a Phase free pillow pattern celebrating the phases of the moon.

crochet moon pillow pattern

The Patons Breezy Knit Beret is crafted in the round.

knit beret pattern

Do you love that circles are on trend? You might want to check out 20 free knit and crochet circle patterns and Circle in Square knit and crochet patterns.

5. Quilty Celebration

In addition to the four knit and crochet trends in the Trend Spotting Lookbook, Yarnspirations has rounded up two additional types of patterns that recognize recent trends. The first of those is a trend towards quilts as inspiration, in quilting and sewing but also in knitting and crochet.

For example, check out the Red Heart Scrap Quilt Throw free crochet pattern.

crochet quilt pattern

And also be sure to check out the Caron Spring Quilt Knit Blanket.

knit quilt pattern

If you love this trend then you might also like my Crochet Chic Log Cabin blanket pattern.

6. Waves of Neutrals

And finally, neutrals are trending. We saw this a little bit already in the minimalism patterns and the patterns celebrating ancient crafts. However, find even more in the Waves of Neutrals pattern roundup.

Check out the Bernat Here and There Crochet Blanket free pattern.

knit and crochet blanket trends

And the Red Heart Posh & Pocketed Super Scarf free knitting pattern.

knit super scarf with pocket

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