Knit and Crochet Kimono Shirt Patterns

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. However, the kimono shirt is a more fluid term. It refers to several different shirt designs, generally loose-fitting, often with a wrap front. While you won’t find too many knit and crochet kimono shirt patterns, they do exist. They provide you with new option designs for your tops. So, we wanted to round up some of those patterns for you today.

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What Is A Kimono Shirt?

Of course, it’s important to be accurate when talking about things that derive from a culture other than your own. The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment with a long, rich history. It’s typically a floor-length T-shaped garment. However, the exact length, pattern, sleeve style, and other details vary a lot and have specific meanings within the culture.

On the other hand, a kimono shirt is a more general term from the fashion world. Of course, it’s inspired by the kimono, but it’s a different thing. Japanoscope explains that the word “kimono” actually translates to “clothing.” They further explain that the kimono shirt usually refers to a style that would actually be more likely to be called a Happi or a Hanten in Japan; these are often considered jackets rather than kimono.

Generally, a kimono shirt is loose and free-flowing. It is cardigan-shaped, so it is split at the front rather than a sweater shape. It’s often got a cross-body or wrap front, although not always. It often has a V-shaped neck, but, again, not always.

Naked and Famous Denim sells a version they explain is a “Noragi: open-front, straight silhouette, front-tie closure.” In their version, the tie is across the center of the kimono shirt, similar to the obi belt worn over a traditional kimono. In other versions, including my crochet kimono shirt, which you’ll find the pattern for below, the tie is closer to the neckline.

Knit Kimono Shirt Patterns

Here are some knit kimono shirt patterns for you to try:

Kimono Knit Jacket Pattern

kimono knit jacket pattern

One common design for knit kimono jackets is to create an open front with wide lapels that edge the opening from the neck to the waistband. These are usually waist-length or typical jacket-length designs, although, of course, this varies. The sleeves are typically loose and mid-length. This is an easy knitting pattern and a great place to start if you want to learn the kimono shirt style.

Kimono Sleeve Cardigan Pattern

knit kimono sleeve cardigan pattern

This knit kimono pattern is similar in style. However, as you can see, the lapels are wider. They fold back and drape loosely in a flattering style that showcases the knit fabric’s texture. The sleeves are nice and loose on this one. It’s wonderfully flowy, perfect for summer.

Eclipse Knit Kimono Pattern

Eclipse Kimono knit pattern

This knit summer cardigan pattern is made with cotton yarn, so it’s a great cover-up even in warmer weather. With the blue and white stripes, it has a nautical feel. You can dress it up or down. The pattern is written in six sizes, from small through 3X.

Kids’ Knit Kimono Shirt Patterns

knit and crochet kimono shirts for kids

Yarnspirations offers four cute designs for knit kimono shirts for kids. They all have wrap fronts, characteristic of a traditional kimono, although the design of these necklines varies. Sleeve length varies as well. If you’re looking for some really cute new knit clothing for kids, then check these out:

Crochet Kimono Shirt Patterns

First, let me tell you about my kimono shirt:

Amimono Kimono Crochet Shirt Pattern

kimono-inspired crochet cardigan free pattern - Marly Bird

This is my version of a crochet kimono shirt. It’s an open-front cardigan with a button and ties closure at the low neckline. The sleeves are loose but not oversized. It’s a great summer cardigan pattern.

And here are some other crochet kimono shirt patterns for you to try:

Kimono Jacket Crochet Pattern

kimono jacket crochet pattern

If you just glanced at this crochet pattern, you might mistake it for a typical crochet cardigan. However, note the wide lapels, one of the signatures of crochet kimono patterns. The drape and the sleeve flow and length add to the design. As you can see in the image, it enhances the effect when you style a knit or crochet kimono with a wide obi-style belt.

CARON X PANTONE Crochet Kimono Cardigan Pattern

kimono cardigan crochet pattern

If you take a kimono shirt and cross it with a crochet crop top pattern, you might get something cute and trendy like this. It’s an open-front cropped crochet cardigan, built from motifs, with wide crochet lapels. The sleeves are short and wide.

Lace Crochet Kimono Pattern

Lacy Days lace crochet kimono pattern

This lacy crochet kimono pattern with well-draped flowing sleeves cinches at the waist with a thin belt. It’s a perfect top for summer and also works as a crochet beach cover-up.

Lindy Kimono Crochet Pattern

Lindy Kimono crochet pattern

This is a longer version of a kimono-inspired crochet shirt. It’s made with a simple granny stripe using cotton yarn that’s great for summer.

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    I love all of these designs, but the kids ones might be my favorite. Thanks for sharing all the patterns and I am very happy I stay up to date using Instagram. Thanks for the inspiration.

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