Knit And Crochet Chunky Sweaters: Fall…In Love!

There’s nothing like throwing on a snuggly bulky sweater once those temperatures head south for the winter. So we decided to round up some ‘must haves’ for you to start before you really need them. If the fall chill hasn’t quite set in yet, these cozy knit and crochet chunky sweaters and cardigans will have you begging for cooler temperatures. 

I’m already begging for cooler temperatures. Honestly, if it never got above about 75, I’d be perfectly happy. Once the 90s hit, I feel like I’m melting in a puddle of sweat. 

Pretty picture, huh?

We know those temps will drop when it’s time, so now’s the perfect time to line up a few bulky projects you know you’ll need.

Why Knit And Crochet Bulky Sweaters?

Did you know bulky and oversized sweaters are perfectly in fashion right now? 

Last year saw cropped sweaters gain in popularity, but this year, the comfy, longer-line, roomier styles are growing more popular.

The oversized sweater look can be extremely comfortable and flattering if you get the sizing right.

Here’s a few more reasons to make bulky sweaters and cardis:

  • They’re quick to make.
  • You use larger needles and thicker yarn.
  • If you’re a beginner, you can still make them.
  • They look awesome.
  • They’re so comfy to wear.
  • They’re usually simple shapes.
  • They look great with everything from minimal patterning to heavy cables.
  • You can wear them instead of a jacket.
  • You can curl up inside of them on the couch – no need to go out if you don’t want to.
  • You can dress them up or down using accessories or not.

The best things to wear are simply what makes you feel good. And there’s nothing like a cozy, hand-knit or crochet sweater or cardi to make you feel good.

I mean, if you made it, you should wear it proudly. Don’t you agree?

Here’s how you do that…

How To Wear Knit And Crochet Chunky Sweaters

The epitome of comfort and casual is to throw on a favorite t-shirt, a well-washed pair of jeans, and a comfy, roomy sweater.

But some people shy away from the bulky yarns and oversized look since they think it’ll make them look bigger. Following these tips, you can do it right and feel comfortable and stylish in knit and crochet chunky sweaters.

Seriously, anyone can rock an oversize sweater, no matter their number. 

Here’s how it’s done!

  • Pair with slim-fit pants or leggings and a close-fit top to balance the look.
  • Keep the shape simple with minimal patterning.
  • Avoid huge collars and keep the neckline simple.
  • V-necks and long shawl collars are flattering for curvy figures.
  • Long necklaces, pendants, or skinny scarves left loose make a statement and help lengthen and slim the lines.
  • Make sure the sweater or cardi hem doesn’t sit at your widest part. 
  • Use layers – a longer shirt or tunic-length tee under a cropped bulky sweater can work wonders.
  • Tall boots or higher heels can also help finish the look.

And Now For The Sweater And Cardigan Patterns

Now that I’ve sung the praises of knitting and crocheting bulky and oversize sweaters and cardigans, I think it’s about time you get to check out what I’ve found for you.

There’s something here for everyone. 

Make sure you check them all out so you can make your yarn shopping lists and get creating before that cold weather hits.

Here you go…

Knit Chunky Sweater Patterns

Check out this list of patterns.

They’re all knit. Most are free.

There’s A-line, boxy, cropped, and simple through more advanced options.

11 knit bulky sweaters in various shapes, lengths, and techniques - cables, solid, textured, circular yokes. Marly Bird

Easy Going Knit Pullover

Split Hem Cable Pullover

Sugar Bush Cropper

RickRack Pullover

Circle Around Pullover

Winter Clouds Tunic

Spadina Circle Pullover

Simple Stripe Raglan

My Boyfriend’s Cable Pullover

Easy Street Pullover

Sugar Bush Polar Berry Pullover

Without A Paddle Sweater

Wychwood Park Brioche Pullover

Wandering Paths Pullover

Rich Tweed Chevron Sweater

Knit Chunky Cardigan Patterns

Look at these awesome cardigan and jacket patterns!

Cozy, or what?!

They’re snugglicious!

11 Knit bulky cardigans in various lengths and colors. Featuring collars, hoods, pockets, and more. Marly Bird.

Cocoon Cardigan

Lapel Knit Cardi

Zip Front Cardi

Tweed Jacket

Car Coat With Hood

Wrap It Up Knit Cardi

Garrison Creek Cardi

Long Cardi With Collar

Zig Zag Cardi

Yorkview Zipper Cardi

Cozy Cardi

Crochet Chunky Sweater Patterns

Chunky crochet? Yes, but they don’t look bulky, do they?

You have plenty of choices. Just think of the colorways you’d choose.

I love the one with the curved hem – it’s on my to-do list!

9 Chunky crochet sweaters in shades of pinks, blues, greys and rainbow. Marly Bird

Curvy Cowl Pullover

Sweater Weather Cabled Pullover

Striped Raglan Pullover

Slounge Pullover

Raglan Cowl Neck Pullover

Maelle Sweater

Vienna Sweater

Happy Hippy Sweater

Tonks Hoodie

Crochet Chunky Cardigan Patterns

Look at all these awesome long cardis. They’re just the kind you want to curl up in!

Again, they’re made in heavier yarns, but they just don’t look heavy.

Definitely snuggleable!

12 Bulky crochet cardigan images in colors from white, greys, browns and blues. Some lacy, some solid and texture, some with fancy collars. Marly Bird.

Cozy Textured Cardigan

Slouchy Cardi

Cozy Cardi

Fair Isle Cardi

Cozy Cabled Crochet Cardi

Cozy Collar Cardi

Slounge Cardi

Bernat Slouchy Cardi

Chunky Cardi With Pockets

Polly Cardi With Pockets

Light Snow Chunky Cardi

Cocoon Blanket Cardi

I hope you’ve found something you can’t live without – there sure is a great selection here!

If you LOVE bulky and want more, more, more, check these out…

Which are the Best Bulky And Jumbo Yarns?

Warm up with an Easy Bulky Knit Scarf.

And here’s more Oversized Knits!

I know there’s some fabulous bulky yarns here.

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