How to Store Knitting Needles: Ultimate Guide to Knitting Needle Storage and Organization

Life is a lot easier for crafters when their supplies are well-organized. If you can go straight to your craft closet and reach right for the item that you need, then you can begin your next project without any stress. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to store knitting needles, crochet hooks, notions, and other craft supplies. What’s particularly unique about how to store knitting needles is that there are so many different types of knitting needles. Therefore, you need more than one type of storage solution. We asked on Instagram for how people store theirs, and you’ll see those responses interspersed throughout this article in the black and white text images below. We’ll also share our additional thoughts on how to store knitting needles.

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knitting needle storage and organization

There Are Many Ways for How To Store Knitting Needles

ideas for storing knitting needles

As you can already begin to see from the Instagram responses that we received, there are so many different ways to store knitting needles. You can use supplies that you already have around the home such as vases, bowls, jewelry containers, tackle boxes, craft drawers, and other containers. You can DIY your own knitting needle cases via sewing, knitting, or crochet. Or you can purchase knitting needle organizers that are specifically designed and sold for this exact purpose. The knitting needle storage that you use will depend on how many knitting needles you have, what kind and size they are, your personal organization preferences, and your budget.

Why You Need a Variety of Knitting Needle Storage Solutions

ideas for knitting needles storage

If you’re an active knitter, then you probably own a variety of different types of needles. These may include:

  • Single point or straight needles. Each size comes as a set of two. Therefore, you’ll need storage that keeps that set of two together. And of course you’ll probably have different sizes. Therefore, you need storage that contains multiple sets, with each pair together.
  • Double point needles or DPNs. Each sizes comes as a set of four or five. Similarly, you’ll want to keep each full set together by size. Plus you’ll want multiple sizes held together.
  • Fixed circular needles. Basically, you have one needle on each end connected by a cable in the center. This is a single item per needle size.
  • Interchangeable circular knitting needles. In this case, you can detach cables of different sizes and re-attach them to different size needles. Therefore, you need to figure out how to store knitting needles together with cables in a way that makes them easy to mix-and-match without losing any of them. This is often the most difficult style for finding storage solutions. However, there are a lot of great options out there.

Tip: Store Knitting Needles In The Containers They Came In

knitting needles storage

This is an especially smart option when you buy an entire set of knitting needles at once. Often, they come inside of organized containers, folders, or project bags. Since the container was designed to hold the whole set, this is a smart way to keep the whole set together. For example: check out how the Jimmy Beans Wool SmartStix Interchangeable Set with its own easy storage:

If you’re in BiCrafty Bootcamp, then you might recall that one of the many things we loved about our ChiaoGoo knitting needles was the zippable storage containers they arrived in:

ChiaoGoo knitting needles-2

Even if you don’t buy full knitting needle sets, sometimes the storage containers they come in are still the best storage solution. For example, Signature Needle Arts sells their DPN sets in these cute little tubes that open on either end. Keep each set in its own tube. Keep the tubes together in a larger box. Take a look:

signature needle arts tube dpns

Marly Bird Favorite Knitting Needle Storage Supplies: Erin Lane Bags

knitting needles storage and organization

You know that the whole Marly Bird team loves to team up with Erin Lane Bags. Truly, we can’t recommend their products enough. And they have a whole host of ready-made solutions for how to store knitting needles. If you head to the website and check out the left sidebar, you’ll see “Needle Organizers.” Then if you hit the dropdown button, you’ll see that’s further broken down into:

  • Circular solutions
  • Single Interchangeable Storage
  • Double Interchangeable Storage
  • Interchangeable Tips Pocket
  • DPN/Crochet Organizers
  • All-In-One Solutions

Plus she has a pattern keeper and organizers for your knitting notions. If you’re just beginning to try to figure out which options are out there for storing your knitting needles, this is a great resource. For example, you’ll see that this Knitpack holds interchangeable needles at the bottom and knitting notions at the top:

Erin Lane Bags Knitting Storage Solutions

Marly Bird Team Member Meg Likes The Circular Solution

how to store knitting needles of all kinds

Obviously, Erin Lane Bags isn’t the only one creating ready-made solutions for knitting needle storage. Team member Meg uses DPN storage as well as circular needle storage from The Circular Solution. Check out their smart, convenient, well-labeled hanging bag for storing your fixed circular needles:

How to store fixed circular knitting needles

Of course, you could make your own hanging bags, roll-up bags, or flat storage bags using sewing skills or other crafting skills. There are tons of great DIY options out there. Moreover, there are lots of great Etsy sellers who offer similar solutions. You just have to find what’s right for you.

More Jimmy Beans Wool Knitting Needle Storage Solutions

how to store knitting needles

We already mentioned that Jimmy Beans Wool knitting needle sets come in their own organizers that are great to just keep on using. However, we want to make sure that you know that they also have a ton of different organizers similar to those from Erin Lane Bags and The Circular Solution. Their collaboration with DellaQ includes everything from backpacks and project bags to knitting needle storage solutions. For example, here are just three options from their Cotton Print Collection:

DPN, Circular and Interchangeable knitting needle cases

Don’t Forget About Project Bags

craft storage for knitting needles

Project bags are designed to hold one or a few projects at a time. A good project bag also has some storage for your knitting needles. So, although this won’t likely be your primary form of knitting needle storage, you should always keep it in mind as one option. See some of our favorite knitting project bags here.

Can You Use Crochet Hook Storage to Store Knitting Needles?

storage for knitting needles

Marly Bird team member Kathryn is primarily a crocheter. She loves how easy it is to organize crochet hooks (which we’ll do a post on soon!) After all, unlike with knitting needles, you don’t necessarily have to keep sets together. In other words, you need to be able to find your G hook or your J hook but not necessarily at the same time. Therefore, you can easily just store crochet hooks in zippered pouches, Tupperware, beautiful vases, etc. Can you store knitting needles the same way?

Yes and no. Now that Kathryn’s become bicrafty, she has a whole lot of knitting needles. And she’s found that she needs some of these other more advanced solutions in order to keep those knitting needles organized. That said, though, she’s discovered that unlike many crafters, she prefers large straight knitting needles. Sure, there’s a place for the DPNs and the circulars, but she loves her single-points. And since that only means keeping a pair of two together, she does store those similarly to how she stores her crochet hooks. The ones she uses most often are in a ready-to-go zippered pouch. The ones she uses less frequently are stored together in a larger bag. She particularly loves the Prym straight needles because the two ends interlock with one another. Therefore, it’s easy to keep each set together even when throwing a bunch of different sizes together in one bag.

And theoretically, you can store a small selection of varied needles and hooks together in one zippered pouch, such as this one from Darn Good Yarn:

Knitting needle and crochet hook pouch

Knitting Needles You Use Often vs. Rarely vs. Just Display

how to organize knitting needles

A lot of us have a variety of different knitting needles. Mostly, we have a few go-to sets that we use all of the time. We want to keep these as organized as possible but also as accessible as possible.

Then we have the ones that we use for certain projects but don’t need all that often. For example, extra jumbo knitting needles for working with Super Bulky Yarn. We want those stored conveniently where we can easily find them when we need them. However, they don’t need to be immediately accessible. Therefore, they might go into boxes in under-the-bed storage or back-of-the-closet shelves.

And then we have some special needles that we don’t really use but we keep because they’re pretty. Maybe they’re a vintage set passed down from a family member. Maybe you bought them because they were so beautiful but then realized you didn’t like working with them as much. Those are the ones you should display. Put them in clear glass vases or something similar and store them in your craft space to inspire you!

More Great Ways for How to Store Knitting Needles

ways to store knitting needles
smart ways to store knitting needles

We really loved all of these answers that you gave us over on Instagram. And we hope that as you read through them here, you’re getting tons of great ideas for the best ways to organize your own knitting supplies. We’ve also curated a few other lists of ideas to share with you, although you’ll discover that a lot of those suggestions are already given here by you smart readers!

knitting needle storage solutions

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And we want to see how you store yours! So take a photo of your knitting needle storage (super organized or super messy, there’s no right way!) Share it in the Marly’s Minions Facebook Group or over on Instagram with @themarlybird #marlybird and we’ll take a look!

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