How to Make Stitch Markers

How to make stitch markersThere is often a time when I need a larger stitch marker to fit my needles for my current knitting project than I have. Or when I want to have something that is customized to my style, not just a simple ring. I have put together a video to show you how to make knitting stitch markers and removable stitch markers for knitting and crochet. By following my video you can make your own unique stitch markers for your project.

Making your own stitch markers are perfect for your larger needles. It can be hard to find markers that will fit around your size 13 needles but if you make your own you will know that they will fit. Many of us are multicrafters and now is the time to add another craft to your tool box.

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NOTE: I am NOT an expert in beading and I am not claiming that I know everything about the topic. I have put together this tutorial as a novice in beading, making something simple to fit my needs as a knitter. If you are looking for more information on beading or for inspiration you can check out my two friends, who are AMAZING jewelry designers. Jill Wiseman is an amazing designer and has her own online supply store. My other friend, Candie Cooper, is also a very talented designer. She has a Craftsy class to teach you all of the basics of beading. It is a great class that even shows you how to crochet with wire.

Supplies for Knitting Stitch Markers:

How to Make Knitting Stitch Markers:

How to make Removable Stitch Markers:

Free Patterns by Marly Bird:

Now that you can make stitch markers, how about checking out some of the free patterns by Marly Bird where you can use these stitch markers?

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