Ultimate Guide: Learn How to Knit Socks with Marly Bird Video Tutorials and Patterns

Many people who learn to knit do so because they want to learn how to knit socks. In fact, lots of the BiCrafty Bootcampers said that was why they decided to learn knitting. While we didn’t cover knitting socks for crocheters in our BiCrafty Bootcamp lessons, we did prepare the crafters with all of the knowledge that they need to learn how to knit socks now. And you can learn to knit socks, too. Today I bring you a roundup of some of my easiest lessons, patterns, and video tutorials for learning how to knit socks.

Sock Knitting All Year Round

Socks are great because you can truly craft them all year round. They’re small enough and lightweight enough that they’re comfortable to craft even in the heat of summer. Now is the perfect time to begin learning how to make them. Moreover, as we head into fall, they’re an even better project. Why? Because everyone loves to receive handmade socks for holiday gifts. So you can craft your way through your gift list.

Resources Before We Begin

Before we get into the tutorials and patterns, here are some resources that you might find helpful as you begin to learn about sock knitting. These are two different ways to begin knitting socks. Practicing these lessons can help you with lots of different projects. In particular, watch the No Cuss Cast on for Double Pointed Needles if you have a fear of working with DPNs.

Option 1: My First Knit Socks

how to knit socks guide

Let’s start, appropriately, with My First Knit Socks. This was a 2018 KAL where we learned from start to finish how to knit socks with DPNs. If you’re not used to using DPNs, don’t fret. They aren’t as hard as you might think. They BiCrafty Bootcampers only learned to knit a few months ago and they’ve got them figured out. Plus this KAL came along with tons of detailed video tutorials to teach you everything that you need to know in order to complete these first knit socks.

This was a 6-Part Knit-Along. Find the first post here with all the details. Scroll down in that post to see the links to all of the other posts in order. This is a great way to start learning how to knit socks! And here are the video tutorials for this project, in order:

Option 2: My First Toe-Up Knit Socks

first toe up knit socks pattern

There are different ways to construct socks, of course. Many people like to work toe-up. After all, this allows you to try on the sock as you go. You can make adjustments easily, especially in terms of the finished height of the sock. If this sounds appealing to you, then you might want to check out My First Toe-Up Knit Socks. I made these as part of a 2020 sockalong, which came in three parts.

You can find the details of the original post here. It includes links at the bottom to each of the three portions of the KAL. Additionally, this sockalong included a matching toe-up crochet sock pattern from Rohn Strong. All details for that are in the post as well. And here are the three videos for My First Toe-Up Knit Socks:

More Marly Bird Knit Socks Patterns

I recommend that you follow the patterns and videos for the two KAL socks above to get started. They really show you step-by-step absolutely everything you need to know as you learn how to knit socks. However, I have lots of other socks patterns and resources for you. Here are some of the things you’ll want to check out:

Hygge Stripe Socks Pattern

hygge striped knit socks

So, this is actually the same pattern as the 2018 Socks KAL shown above. In fact, you can follow the same tutorials to complete this pattern. What’s different? This one has stripes! So, if you want to add that little color change detail to make your socks special, this is a good pattern to help you out.

Gemstone Knit Socks

gemstone knit socks pattern

I originally designed these socks back in 2014 for Knit Crate. They’re an easy knit-purl top-down seamless knit sock pattern. You can now purchase the pattern on Ravelry using the link above.

Marly Socks

Marly Bird knit socks pattern

One of my earliest knit socks patterns was this lace-top cozy sock design. I created it back in 2009. You can also purchase this pattern today on Ravelry. It’s a top-down, in-the-round knit sock pattern. It uses Kitchener stitch. And speaking of that, you might also like this resource as you learn about sock knitting:

Yakka Dabba Bamboo Socks

Marly Bird knit bamboo socks pattern

Here’s another 2009 knit sock design now available for purchase on Ravelry. This is a textured, toe-up knit sock with a short row heel. Like almost all of my sock designs, it’s a mid-calf height. And also like my other sock patterns, it’s written for feet of different sizes.

Himalayan Knit Socks

how to knit socks with Marly Bird

When I originally created this knit sock pattern, here’s what I said about it:

“I love the look of a single panel of lace down the side of a sock combined with the simple elegance of the stockinette stitch. It reminds me of tracks in the snow on the side of a mountain.”

I still get chills when I think about how fun these socks are to make. And cozy to wear. This is another Ravelry download.

More Marly Bird Knit Socks Video Tutorials

If you love to follow along with my video tutorials then here’s one more set for you. It’s for the Red Heart Cheerful Knit Slipper Socks. These are festive cozy socks that are great for the holiday season. (And if that’s something you love then you might also like our Christmas in July stockings KAL/CAL patterns!) Here are the videos for this project:

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