Halloween at Hogwarts-10 Super Saver Stash busters Harry Potter Knit and Crochet project ideas

Double double, toil and trouble…This week we’re heading to Hogwarts for a Potter-ific pattern roundup for knitters, crocheters, and bistitchual folks alike. Let’s start today’s adventure-you might just find some bonus patterns along the way! This roundup has 10 Super Saver Stash buster Harry Potter Knit and Crochet project ideas.

10 Super Saver Stash buster Harry Potter Knit and Crochet project ideas

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10 Super Saver Stash buster Harry Potter Knit and Crochet project ideas

Halloween at Hogwarts-10 Super Saver Stash buster Harry Potter Knit and Crochet project ideas

Harry Potter Scarf

Harry Potter Scarf (Knitting)

Designed By: Lauren Kent

Recommended Colors: Burgundy & Gold

Download Harry Potter Scarf Pattern

Our first knitting pattern comes from Lauren Kent and is hosted on The Leaky Cauldron, which is home to a ton of wonderful Harry Potter crafts-from knitting and crochet to quilting and woodwork! The Hogwarts Scarf is knit as a tube, which makes it twice as warm. True to form, this pattern even uses a hardcover copy of The Sorcerer’s Stone to measure out the fringe.

The Weasley SweaterThe Weasley Sweater (Knitting)

Designed By: Alison Hansel

Recommended Colors: As above for Gryffindor colors, though there is a beautiful completed project by Erikalynnie that uses Aran Fleck!

Download The Weasley Sweater Pattern

If there is one thing every Harry Potter fan has wanted to find under the tree Christmas morning, it’s a Weasley Sweater. It’s oversized nature, comfy gauge, and minimal seaming make this a great first sweater. The lettering can be added with duplicate stitch, which you can learn with Marly on Creativebug. Fans of this sweater might also like our first bonus down below!

Harry Potter Grapghan

Harry Potter Graphghan (Crochet)

Designed By: Two Hearts Crochet

Download the Harry Potter Grapghan Pattern

Recommended Colors: With over 120 color options, you’ll be able to find the right color for all the squares you choose!

Where better to dream about receiving your Hogwarts letter than under this afghan? Two Hearts Crochet has made this C2C project easily customizable for your favorite fan. The center square is the Hogwarts crest, which you’ll surround with 12 smaller squares of your choice. With almost 30 options, from the Dark Mark to the Deathly Hallows, Dobby to Dumbledore, I’m sure you’ll be able to find just what you need to make this blanket a beloved gift.

Harry Potter Apron

Harry Potter Apron (Crochet)

Designed By: Rilla Edwards

Recommended Colors: Grey Heather, Black, White, Burgundy, and Gold

Download the Harry Potter Apron Pattern

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of pumpkin pasties or a round of butterbeer, this is the apron for you! When you get it off your hook, check out these amazing Harry Potter inspired recipes on The Kitchn-Butterbeer Pancakes? Yum!

Harry Potter Sorting HatHarry Potter Sorting Hat (Crochet)

Designed By: Allison Hoffman

Recommended Colors: Cafe Latte or Coffee

Download the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Pattern

The Sorting Hat is just about the cleverest enchanted object you’ll find in the world of Harry Potter, and this pattern by Crafty Is Cool let’s you bring it to life in our world! Have you been sorted into your Hogwarts house over on Pottermore yet?

Hip House ScarfHip House Scarf (Knitting)

Designed By: Alison Hansel

Recommended Colors: Burgundy & Gold

Download the Hip House Scarf

Another goodie from the designer of the Weasley Sweater we covered earlier, the Hip House Scarf is a versatile piece that’s great for beginners. It works well as a tie for a Hogwarts uniform, but also looks great as a headband or belt! How would you wear it?

Harry Potter Portrait BlanketHarry Potter Portrait Blanket (Knitting)

Designed By: Candice of Textile Transfigurations

Recommended Colors: White, Black, Grey Heather, Light Grey, and your choice of background color-maybe Burgundy or Hunter Green?

Download the Harry Potter Portrait Blanket Pattern

For the overly ambitious among us, these brilliant charts bring almost photo-real versions of your favorite Harry Potter characters (and their pets) to your needles. The individual squares can be used for almost anything, from blankets to sweaters, and if you’re currently debating whether or not you’re up for the challenge, check out the 167 projects on Ravelry. If they can do it, you can too!

Neville's SweaterNeville’s Sweater (Knitting)

Designed By: Joannie Newsome

Recommended Colors: Black, Light Grey, White

Download Neville’s Sweater Pattern

Neville sure took things up a level in the Deathly Hallows, both in heroism and wardrobe. While it can look a little intimidating, designer Joannie Newsome has filled this pattern with what she calls excessive notes. If you’re looking for an easier way to get started on your Fair Isle knitting journey, check out Marly’s tutorial on the Snow-Speckled Hat.

Hogwarts Muggle MittsHogwarts Muggle Mitts (Knitting)

Designed By: Jennie Claver

Recommended Colors: Burgundy & Gold

Download The Hogwarts Muggle Mitts Pattern

Alright beginners, if we haven’t scared you off with the last two projects, here’s one for you! This pattern is knitted up flat and then seamed together, so if you can knit and purl you can show your house pride with these fingerless mitts. This set would go great with the scarf from the beginning of today’s adventure!

Harry Potter Inspired Beer Sweater

Harry Potter Inspired Beer Sweater (Crochet)

Designed By: Katy McKinley

Recommended Colors: Burgundy, Gold, Coffee, Black, White

Download the Harry Potter Inspired Beer Sweater Pattern

Now this is the project to use all your yarn scraps from the larger pieces we talked about earlier. Keep your Butterbeer cold with this adorable sweater!

Extra Bits and Bobs for Doing Your Wizardry Harry Potter Knit and Crochet

For adding monograms to your favorite spell, there is a monogramming chart by Mandy Chronister to be your new go-to tool!

When I was originally searching for possible patterns, the Hogwarts Socks by Pauliina Mathlin just jumped off the screen. While it’s not a Super Saver project, it had to be included! Try them with Fashion Soft

Did you enjoy this roundup? If you did, let us know your favorite pattern in the comments-and give it a share!

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