44 Free Crochet and Knit Squares Projects

Many projects are made of squares. They’re among the most common projects out there. However, crochet and knit squares don’t have to be boring! Find new ways to make projects with squares with these free patterns from Yarnspirations. Naturally there are a lot of blankets in the bunch. But you might be surprised at how many other types of patterns use squares as well. Of course, you can start by learning how to crochet the basic granny square. But there are tons of other choices, too.

Crochet and Knit Squares Blankets

There are so many different ways to make crochet and knit squares into blankets. You can start in the middle, work in the round and end up with a square. The classic large granny square blanket would be the most obvious example of this. However, there are much more interesting designs as well.

Alternatively, you might make a bunch of different crochet and knit squares. Then you’d stitch them together for a patchwork throw, Sometimes they’re all the same size but make them in different sizes for a more unique design.

These blanket, afghan and throw patterns will all make you excited about using squares:

Diagonal Squares Throw Free Knitting Pattern

Other Home Decor Made of Squares

Of course, blankets are a form of home decor. However, there are so many other things you can make to use around the house. Baskets, scrubbies, floor cushions and more can be square or made of squares. Some of the most fun pieces in this roundup are the stuffed animals that use crochet and knit squares.

Chic Carry All Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet and Knit Squares To Wear

Squares are perfect to make scarves, sweaters, and shawls! You could string together a set of squares to make a simple scarf. A large crochet or knit square can be a shawl in and of itself. Two squares together form the basic foundation of a sweater. Plus, of course, you can combine squares of different shapes and sizes to make flattering, fitting clothing.

Miter Me This Chic Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

More Shapes to Make



  1. […] You can take what you learn making these projects and make your own projects! Take a few of the squares from a throw and combine them into a matching pillow, or make the front and back of a pillow, line it, and turn it into a bag. Your only limit is your creativity! Need some ideas: Check out our roundup of crochet and knit squares patterns. […]

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