106 Crochet And Knit Table Setting Patterns

New table settings can refresh the look of your kitchen or dining room! Whether you want to make a new set of placemats for everyday or new coasters for holidays, or make a table runner to give as a housewarming gift, there’s a pattern here that will work for you! Check out this collection of crochet and knit table setting patterns for your home.


Placemats are the best way to change the feel of your dinner table. Click the “Placemats” link above to find 32 different patterns waiting for your crochet hook or knitting needles. You’ll find everything from solids to lace, patterned to plain, and all the choices in between.

There are different shapes too, from circles to ovals, squares, and rectangles. Whatever you’re looking for to suit your particular table setting style, it’s likely here for your crafting pleasure. So check them out and make a set for gifts or for yourself, so you don’t get bored at your own dining table.

32 Free Knit and Crochet Placemats Patterns

Table Runners

Table runners are an easy change to make to your table for a big visual impact. Click the “Table Runners” link above for 33 patterns to dress up your table for any occasion. You’ll find designs from colorful to solids, from wide to narrow, in various knit and crochet techniques.

33 Free Knit and Crochet Table Runner Patterns

Coasters and Napkin Rings

Protect your table from water rings and keep napkins tidy with this collection of free crochet and knit coasters and napkin ring patterns. Click the “Coasters and Napkin Rings” link above for links to 41 free patterns!

Coasters are a fantastic choice for part of a moving-into-a-new-home gift basket. You could make more than one set for seasons or special occasions. And they don’t have to be part of a larger gift, they’re great to whip up as a last-minute white elephant giveaway. If you’re stuck with needing a secret Santa gift, make some coasters.

You’ll find all manner of styles in both knit and crochet choices. You’re sure to find something suitable for virtually anyone.

Now that you’ve seen all these crochet and knit table setting patterns, you might like to check out the extra links below for more ideas!

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