26 Free Mosaic Crochet Patterns

Make geometric colorwork projects with these free mosaic crochet patterns from Yarnspirations. You’ll use single crochet, double crochet, and chains to make these stunning designs — and you only need to deal with two colors at any one time! This is one of those crochet techniques that gives you so much bang for your buck. You use such simple basic crochet stitches and yet end up with beautiful designs that impress anyone who sees them, crafter or not.

Learn mosaic crochet from Camp Colorwork!

Bonus: don’t miss the mosaic knitting projects!

26 Free Mosaic Crochet Patterns - Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

What Is Mosaic Crochet?

In these mosaic crochet patterns, you’ll work with two colors at a time. However, you might use many different colors throughout the project, depending on the pattern you choose. This makes the technique a favorite among people who enjoy colorful projects.

It’s also a great technique for people who love graphic designs. If you love geometric patterns and two-color images, then mosaic crochet patterns are going to be right up your alley. As you can see from the variety of designs that we’ve included in this roundup, you can really play with shapes within the design of your piece when working with mosaic crochet.

Home Dec Mosaic Crochet Patterns

Add interest to your home with mosaic crochet by making a pillow, dishcloth, or new placemats. Placemats are great since you can easily change them out seasonally to set a new tone for your dining room table or kitchen counter. These designs offer a simple way to practice the technique and add a pop of graphic color to your space.

Stripes & Snowflakes Mosaic Crochet Pillow Free Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

Mosaic Crochet Patterns for Blankets

Whether you’re making a border or an entire throw, there’s a mosaic crochet blanket pattern that’s right for you. That’s right – you can use this technique just as an edging that gives terrific detail to a simpler blanket! Alternatively, make the whole blanket bold by using crochet colorwork in this way. These blankets run the gamut of designs in all different colors. Have fun exploring them!

Interlocking Stitch Crochet Blanket Free Digital Pattern - Marly Bird


Wear your mosaic crochet to show off your skill to everyone you come in contact with. They’ll inevitably gasp, “you made that?”

Mosaic Stitch Crochet Scarf Free Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

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