44 Free Crochet Hexagon Projects – And Knit Too!

Hexagons are made of six sides. They fit together easily in patterns; therefore, they are a popular shape for making crochet and even knit projects! That’s right; you’ll find a ton of crochet hexagon projects out there. They’re a particularly popular motif in the hook craft. However, knit hexagons are totally a thing, too, as you’ll see below. Enjoy these free projects, including blankets, baby blankets, and more, all made with hexagons!

44 Free Hexagon Projects to Crochet and Knit

Crochet and Knit Hexagon Projects: Blankets

Even though these throws are all made of the same shape, the projects all look completely different! Using different colors, stitch patterns, and sizes, you can personalize your afghan to match your decor. As you can see from just the small selection in the image above, no two designs have to be the same. It’s just like with any other motif – a circle is a circle, and a square is a square, but when you knit or crochet, you realize there are many different ways to make both things.

Coral Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Baby Blankets Are Perfect Hexagon Projects

An easy baby blanket is made out of one hexagon made large enough to wrap around a baby. What a cute idea! Of course, you could also make a blanket out of matching hexagons or complementary ones. And yet, because it’s a baby blanket, it’ll still work up relatively quickly compared to a larger blanket. Baby blankets make great gifts, and creating one that’s different from most is fun.

Comfy Kid Hexagon Blanket Pattern

Home Decor and Accessories

Use hexagon designs for interesting home decor. For example, there’s a super cute ottoman idea on this list. You can also use the motif as an added touch in the stitch pattern on a cowl. Most things you can make with squares or circle motifs can be adapted for making with hexagons. As you’ll see when you begin looking through these projects, there are many ways to craft a hexagon. Even though they’re the same shape over and over, the stitches used to create the shape vary widely. Therefore you can have everything from a granny hexagon to a solid single crochet hexagon to something more decorative in either knit or crochet.

Summertime Tote Free Pattern

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