Free Crochet and Knit Pattern Roundup: Christmas in July!

I’m sure you’ve heard I just released a brand new course. It’s the  Merry Stitchmas Knit and Crochet Stocking Course! If you haven’t heard, head over to the Facebook group and see what’s happening. In the meantime, with Christmas in mind, I wanted to round up a few free crochet and knit pattern roundups we’ve pulled together for you before. It’s like a round-up of roundups. I know I don’t always notice what I need the first time around, so in case you missed the perfect gift idea, let’s dig in!

Free crochet and knit pattern roundup: Top right - cream knit cabled ottoman cover, middle left - blue, cream, grey granny square blanket, middle right - 3 mason jar covers (cream, blue, grey), bottom - garter knit bowls (red, pink, lilac) - Marly Bird

You know there’s no time like July to start making Christmas gifts, especially if you’re a procrastinator. Why is July a great time to start with crochet and knit Christmas gifts? Because we still have plenty of time to craft. If we wait until November (it’s been known to happen), we have Thanksgiving, then before you know it, Christmas is around the corner and your gift stash is sadly lacking!

So, let’s get to it and find the perfect gifts to create before you’re all stressed out. After all, crochet and knitting should be fun and not stressful. Right? So check out these free crochet and knit patterns and organize yourself for Christmas. You can thank me later!

Free Crochet and Knit Patterns: Mason Jar Covers

Here’s a perfect project choice for both summer and Christmas and any time in between. If you use mason jars for summer drinks, there’s nothing like a crochet mason jar cover to help keep your drink cold and your hands warm.

You might think, “Why crochet covers for mason jars?” And I’ll tell you…they’re a great choice for Christmas gifts since they’re relatively inexpensive. Here’s some ideas of what you can do.

Fill them with something appropriate to the person you’re gifting to:

  • Teachers = Small school supplies or candies
  • Nurses = Band-aids or small first-aid items
  • Kids = small cars, candies, rings, bracelets, crayons, stickers
  • Moms = Pampering things, mini soaps, nail polish
  • Dads = Small tools, screws, tape measure
  • Grandparents = cookie mix, hot chocolate mix, fudge mix
  • College students = small change and a few bills
  • Artist = paints, small notebook, pencil 

Get the idea? Really think about the person you’re gifting to, fill the jar with what they love, crochet a mason jar cover, and BOOM – a great, meaningful, personal gift. 

You’ll find more ideas for filling your mason jar in the post, so click on over and check it out.

And, on to another free crochet and knit pattern roundup…

Quick Knit & Crochet Projects 

Ok, so why did I choose to share with you quick gifts if it’s only July? 

Well…who doesn’t love some quickie projects that you can bash out – just in case? There’s always someone you’ll forget about until the last minute, so why not cover your bases NOW so you won’t stress out later? 

You know what I mean…you’re in the throes of Christmas dinner prep when you find out that Uncle Phil’s coming over too, and you didn’t think he could make it. (He’s always a last-minute kinda guy). 

So, the small gifts you make now make you fully prepared for those unexpected gifting situations that always seem to crop up!

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Hats
  • Cowls 
  • Pillows
  • Headbands
  • Mittens 
  • Scarves
  • Throws
  • Baskets
  • Pillows
  • Beanies
  • And, more…

I know…some of these sound like bigger projects, but hey, you got plenty of time if you start right now. Besides, some of them are bulky, so they work up real fast anyway.

Crochet And Knit Pillows And Poufs 

Who doesn’t love a squishy, comfy pillow for their armchair, recliner, couch, daybed, or regular bed? Not to mention, I know I’ ‘m always popping up my footrest on my recliner, and if I’m somewhere I can’t put my feet up, I struggle to get comfortable.

That’s why these pillows and poufs are fantastic gift ideas for this free crochet and knit pattern roundup! Start now and make a fabulous statement piece for that special person or family member who you KNOW will appreciate your handmade work.

Carefully choose the colors and match the style that they love. Tailor it to their taste so you know you’ll get this gift just right! They’re bound to appreciate your time and attention to detail. From stackable floor pillows ideal for college digs to fancy ottoman covers, we have you covered for your next crochet or knitting project. 

Granny Square Crochet Blankets

If you love a small project for the summer months, and who doesn’t, then granny square blankets are the ideal choice for that family member or friend who means so much.

Here’s the idea…work your granny squares during the hotter months of summer, and save the joining job until the weather cools and you need a blanket on your lap to keep off the chill.

Good idea? YES, of course!!! 

There’s TONS of gorgeous free crochet blanket patterns for you to choose from. Starting now gives you time to dream up the ideal color combinations and stack up those pieces ready for fall when you’re ready to stay cozy inside the house.

To continue with this free crochet and knit pattern frenzy…how about miters?

Knit And Crochet Miter Patterns

Did somebody say miters?

No – don’t move! You have to check these out!!

Miters are SUPER fun!  Check out these free miter patterns for knit and crochet, and you’ll see what I mean. 

If you want to start small to see if you like knitting and crocheting miters, then try your skills with a dishcloth or washcloth! There’s plenty of easy starter patterns for you to hone your skills before you move on to something bigger like a pillow, scarf, or shawl.

If you like to jump in at the deep end, then you’ll need to look at the blankets or even the garments! Yep – there are free miter garment patterns too!

Seriously – miters are stunning if you choose the right colors!

Free crochet and knit patterns: Top right - black & red knit miter blanket on chair, middle left - blond girl wearing leather jacket and multicolor knit miter scarf, bottom left - Marly Bird wearing bright pink knit pompom hat, bottom right - knit miter pillow in light grey border with turquoise & yellow inner square.

Tips For Getting Holiday Projects Done On Time

Hands up! Who does NOT need this section?

As I thought…we ALL need to pay attention to these tips!

Read it through. Absorb it. Then, read it AGAIN as many times as you need!

In a nutshell…it’s about planning…and, of course….not biting off more than you can chew! Anyone guilty of tackling something at a higher level than their capabilities?


But seriously, there’s some really great ideas and tips here to HELP you manage your holiday crafting as best as you can.

But just in case you do happen to fall short…of time or money…

One Ball Projects: Free Crochet And Knit Patterns

Here’s your guardian angel…

Projects that only use one ball of yarn!


Yeah – we all do it.

We think about Christmas gifts, then we think, “It’s okay – I have plenty of time.” “It’s only JULY!”

Then, what seems like 5 minutes later, it’s already Thanksgiving, and you’re fresh out of time and energy.

Don’t let it catch you out this year. Commit to getting your gifts DONE IN TIME!!!

If you need yarn, and who doesn’t…check out WeCrochet and Yarnspirations. They’re our favorite yarn stores, and between them, they have pretty much everything you could need.

Make sure you:

  • Check out the tips for getting your projects done
  • Choose your patterns
  • Get whatever yarn or supplies you need
  • Commit to git ‘r done!!!

This Christmas, you’ll be cool, calm, and collected.

And don’t forget to check out my brand new course – the Merry Stitchmas Knit and Crochet Stocking Course!


And it’ll last you a lifetime! 

So many stocking combinations you’re never stuck for a pattern. Design your own knit or crochet stockings too. With BONUS PATTERNS included!



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