FREE Quick Knit and Crochet Projects

These quick projects from the Yarnspirations website are made in bulky, super bulky, and jumbo yarn, so it doesn’t take long to make them. Plus, they’re great patterns that aren’t too complicated to make it easier.

30 Free Quick Patterns to Knit and Crochet

Quick patterns are always great around the holiday. It never fails that there is one person that I forgot to make something for or that is showing up to a party that I didn’t know about! Check out these 30 FREE patterns from Yarnspirations that are filled with super simple and quick stitches.

Both knitters and crocheters will love these patterns and find something that they can work up quickly.

15 FREE Quick Knit Projects

Knit hats for your entire family or a giant extra pillow for seating when you need it!

  1. Basic Knit Ribbed Family Hat
  2. Easy to Knit Chunky Cowl
  3. Oversized Cable Pillow
  4. Double Cuffed Knit Mittens
  5. Twisted Knit Headband
  6. Down the Line Knit Pillow
  7. Make It Big Knit Super Scarf
  8. Shake It Off Knit Cowl
  9. Parallel Lines Cowl
  10. Get Fresh Throw
  11. Supersquish Knit Blanket
  12. Jumbo Tuck Stitch Shadow Cables Knit Blanket
  13. In a Wink Baby Blanket
  14. Garter Stitch Knit Baskets
  15. Extra Seating Floor Pillow

15 FREE Quick Crochet Projects

These crochet projects are quick to stitch! Make blankets, a rug, or cowls to keep you cozy.

  1. Granny Rectangle Afghan
  2. Tiny Bubbles Crochet Blanket
  3. Colorblock Crochet Blanket
  4. Here and There Crochet Blanket
  5. Crossing Paths Crochet Super Scarf
  6. Kerchief Scarf
  7. Faux Mongolian Lamb Crochet Pillow
  8. Classic Crochet Beanie
  9. Basic Crochet Ribbed Family Hat
  10. Cozy Toesies Crochet Rug
  11. Crochet Basket
  12. Puffed Up Crochet Pillow
  13. V-Stitch Cowl
  14. Speedy Crochet Cap
  15. Big Clusters Cowl
30 Free Quick Patterns to Knit and Crochet

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