Find the Best Crochet Race Track Rug Pattern

Have you noticed loads of people are looking for a good crochet race track rug pattern right now? It’s one of those things that suddenly went viral, and everyone’s trying to make one. However, it’s not a new idea. You can find various styles and designs, including a vintage race track crochet pattern. Here are some of our favorites from Etsy.

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What Is A Crochet Race Track Rug Pattern?

If you haven’t seen these, they’re simply crochet play mat rugs for kids. The rug is usually oval in shape. However, you’ll also find patterns for round, square, and rectangular rugs. On the rug is a crocheted design that looks like a race track. The idea is that kids can play with their cars (or with amigurumi cars that you make) on this race track rug.

It’s one of those ideas that’s really simple and yet really smart. Kids love these. You get to crochet something that is out of your usual realm. And it’s super great for gifting. Kids love to play with cars, and moving their cars of various sizes and styles along a track like this is not only entertaining but also helps them build their motor skills.

Best Crochet Race Track Rug Patterns

We think you’ll find your own favorite crochet race track rug pattern among these options on Etsy:

Classic Oval Crochet Race Track Rug

Oval race track to crochet

If you’re looking for a specific pattern you’ve seen recently online, chances are it’ll look similar to this one. KeAlohaCrochet designed this one. It’s a simple oval where the track is a basic black road around the oval, and the rest of the mat is green. Young children can move their stuffed cars around and around the track for fun.

Oval Track with Car Parking

Crochet race track rug

This rug is similar to the last one. However, it has some fun differences. In particular, as you can see, there’s a parking spot for the cars on either side of the track. This is designed for use with small cars, similar to Hot Wheels, that kids can park and then race along the oval. This is a nice large-sized rug for older kids to play on.

Vintage Crochet Race Track Rug

Vintage crochet race track pattern

Look familiar? This great vintage crochet pattern has that same idea to it. However, it uses loopy fringe yarn to create a more rug-like effect. Fun! This pattern was designed in the 1980s.

Large Crochet Race Track Rug

Playmat crochet pattern

This is a big full rug that’s over 3 feet long, so it’s great for play and also truly serves as a rug in the home. Moreover, this shows how you can use color changes to make different styles of these types of rugs. Check out yet another colorway here.

Crochet Race Track, Toys, and Backpack Pattern

Race track rug/backpack pattern to crochet

This is probably the most original of all of the related crochet patterns on Etsy. It’s a square crochet rug with a road pattern, but the pattern is not in the shape of a round track. Therefore kids can “drive” straight and learn about stopping and making turns. The pattern is not just for the rug, though. The rug folds up into a backpack! And you get a pattern to make toy cars to play with on the track. Awesome!

Roadmap Playmat Crochet Pattern

crochet road rug

Here’s another example of a square crochet rug to play with cars. This one has a track around the outer edge and connects by different roads to a circle track in the center. It also has designs like a fire station and a stoplight, which are great for teaching road vocabulary to young children.

Crochet Playmat Pattern

Playmat pattern to crochet

This square crochet playmat/rug has roads, of course. It also has other designs. And, if you notice, the shape makes it a perfect Tic Tac Toe board as well. Just crochet some X’s and O’s and you’ve got a game for older kids, too.

Easy Free Crochet Road Track Throw Pattern

All other crochet patterns in this roundup are available for sale through Etsy. However, Yarnspirations has a free option for you: The Red Heart Roadway Throw.

Red Heart Roadway Throw pattern

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