Faux Fair Isle Yarn, NEW Yarn from Red Heart in our Weekly Wednesday Review

Each week join us to review interesting products, books, yarns or accessories in the yarn industry in our Weekly Wednesday Review. This week we will be taking a look at the NEW Red Heart yarn, Super Saver Faux Fair Isle.

Weekly Wednesday Review

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Red Heart Super Saver Fair Isle

We know that it can be hard to believe in a product that you can’t touch and try in your local store. Super Saver Fair Isle has just launched with Red Heart and you can’t find it yet at your local box store, just on their website. My team and I have started to use a different color of Super Saver Fair Isle to let you know our experience with the yarn. We hope that this gives you confidence in making your purchase.

Super Saver Fair Isle Details:

Super Saver yarn has been a favorite among knitters and crocheters for over 30 years. This 100% acrylic worsted weight, comes in over 120 beautiful colors, so you will always find the perfect color to complete your project. Red Heart knows how much the Super Saver brand is loved and this past year, and into 2018, they are upping their game and bringing out some new variations on the yarn.

Last year they introduced Super Saver Ombre and Stripes. This year the same Super Saver you love now comes in new and exciting prints. New Fair Isle prints magically appear as you stitch – no need to change colors, one skein does it all! Perfect for sweaters, throws and accessories.

Super Saver Fair Isle

Super Saver Fair Isle is still a weight 4, 100% acrylic yarn. With 6 new color options you can create a variety of looks for your accessories.

Each of the ladies on my team have selected their own color of Fair Isle and are each making a cowl and will share their honest thoughts and experiences with you below.

Red Heart Super Saver Fair Isle Yarn

Team Member Reviews:

NOTE: Although Red Heart did send a complimentary ball of yarn to both Katelyn and Brittani-Pearl the comments below are their own opinion. They were not monetarily compensated for their review.

Katelyn’s Fair Isle Review:

Red Heart Super Saver Fair Isle Review

Let’s be honest, every time I get to try a new yarn I get excited. Who wouldn’t want a job where they got to play with new yarns all day!

When I heard about the new Super Saver Fair Isle I was a little skeptical. Could this yarn really make it look like I had the patience to complete a fair isle project? The answer to that question is sort of. I know that isn’t a super straight forward answer but let me tell you about my experience.

The yarn itself reminds me of Super Saver Ombre in feel. It isn’t quite like the traditional Super Saver, it is a little softer. After blocking it was much softer as well. I decided that I was going to do a knit version of a project for my test. Red Heart offers a free knit and crochet scarf pattern so I went with that because I figured they tested out the width to get the best results.

Working through the pattern I noticed that it was giving me some interesting color changes and pattern, but not the typical fair isle pattern that I would think of. While I won’t claim that I know how to do fair isle by using this yarn I did enjoy the project and would make other accessories in the future. I would think of this as more of a Faux Fair Isle yarn, and enjoy the color patterns that come from it.

My color way was Calm.

Brittani-Pearl’s Fair Isle Review:

Super Saver Fair Isle Review

Since this yarn is so new and different, I thought I’d try something new and different with it!

After I watched Marly’s Faux Fair Isle crochet scarf tutorial, I decided that it was about time I took up a hook. It’s a real testament to Marly’s ability as a teacher that my pink cowl is my first ever crochet project!

I have to admit that I was a little iffy on this yarn before I got it worked up, and I think the name had a lot to do with it. When I think of Fair Isle, I think of all of those amazing #lifegoals projects on Ravelry that make me want to hang up my needles for good, so I didn’t think one yarn could possibly give that effect. However, once I started working with it, I really warmed up to the patterns it forms!

Super Saver Fair Isle ReviewTexture wise, I would compare it more to the softer Super Saver Ombre. Once I finished up with the cowl, I started thinking about what techniques would really show off this yarn. Katelyn’s knit scarf was coming out *gorgeous*, which made me think that Tunisian crochet might be a good choice! I’ll let you all decide on whether or not I was right, but I am really enjoying this effect and can’t wait to finish up the cowl.

My two color ways were Flamenco and Candy.

Overall Notes:

After working with the yarn there are a few things we wanted to bring to your attention to get the best results from your project.

  • To get the most ‘fair isle’ look we suggest a knit project or Tunisian project. Although there is a neat effect by making a crochet project, it isn’t quite as faux fair isle.
  • The pattern in your yarn will be random. You will get different results depending on the width of your project and the method that you are using to create it.
  • If you are blocking your project remember that this is acrylic yarn. You will need to steam block your project lightly. If you steam it for too long or at too high of a temperature you could overheat your project.

Super Saver Fair Isle Video Tutorials:

Marly has put together two video tutorials to show how to make the knit and crochet version of the Faux Fair Isle Scarf. They each have their own post to access the video.

Video Tutorial with Marly Bird-How to Crochet the Faux Fair Isle Scarf

Video Tutorial with Marly Bird How to Knit the Faux Fair Isle Knit Scarf

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