Cropped Oversized Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

Cropped oversized crochet sweater free pattern by Marly Bird

Certain things always trend every fall. Pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters are at the top of the list. This cropped oversized crochet sweater free pattern ticks all of the boxes and more. It’s warm and cozy, inspired by the ambiance of pumpkin spice in the autumn air. It has a gorgeous mosaic print at the waist. And it’s a cropped sweater that works so well for layering in the chilly months of the year. This is a free crochet sweater pattern for you to enjoy.

Oversized Cropped Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

5 Things That Make This Sweater Special

Of course, you always have plenty of free crochet sweater patterns to choose from. But this one is special. Here are five reasons why:

1. Cropped But Flattering

Many people love the cropped sweater trend but don’t think it’s a look that can flatter their bodies. Not so! The cropped sweater can work well on any body shape when designed correctly. If you’ve been hesitant to try it out for yourself, this sweater will win you over.

This is a cropped oversized crochet sweater. It works on various figures because:

  • The oversized fit adjusts to different body shapes. We all carry our weight in different ways. Comfortably oversized, this doesn’t cling to your body in the wrong places. It’s a perfect fit because of the drape.
  • The mosaic pattern adds to the flattering fit. The fun, autumnal mosaic pattern at the bottom of the cropped oversized crochet sweater isn’t just a cute detail. It also draws attention to the cropped section of the sweater in a positive way.
  • Although cropped, the bottom of the sweater comfortably skims the body. Whether you wear it on its own or as a layering piece over a longer shirt or a dress, it works well.

Also, this free crochet pattern comes in six sizes from XS – 3X. Plus, it’s easily adaptable by adding more rounds, as described in the pattern notes. You can make this work for you.

2. The Mosaic Stitches

Of course, this cropped oversized crochet sweater would fit fine as a neutral design. But what makes it special is the rows of color created by those mosaic stitches. We can’t say enough about them. The unique nature of the yarn means that they look a bit fuzzy up close, but the pattern emerges when you look at it from far away, as though you’re looking at an Impressionist painting. If you enjoy color work – or have wanted to try it for a while but haven’t dared – then this free crochet sweater pattern is a perfect place to test it out.

3. Bernat Plentiful Yarn

We recently included this yarn in our roundup of affordable yarns. You get a lot of yardage in just one skein.

You only need one ball of yarn for the main portion of the sweater and a tiny bit more yarn for the mosaic. If you wanted to use Color A for the main portion of one and the mosaic of another and Color B for the reverse, then you could easily make two of these sweaters with one ball. Each ball costs less than $10!

This is a #5 bulky weight yarn, so the sweater works up very quickly. And yet, designed to look and feel like mohair, the yarn is very lightweight. Therefore, you get drape and comfort without a heavy pull on the sweater. It’s a really unique yarn that makes this cropped oversized crochet sweater pattern really special.

4. Detailed Pattern with Charts and Schematics

I try to make things easy for you even when I’m offering a free crochet pattern. Therefore, I include as much detail as possible, with information to help people, regardless of the way they learn best.

In other words, this cropped oversized crochet sweater pattern doesn’t just have detailed step-by-step written instructions. I’ve also included charts and schematics to assist people who learn better visually. You won’t find that in every free pattern out there.

5. This Sweater Was a Collaboration

When two designers come together to create something, you get more than the sum of the parts. Collaboration can truly push each designer to do their best. That’s exactly what happened in the design of this cropped oversized crochet sweater pattern.

I teamed up with Robyn Chachula to create this sweater. This isn’t the first time we’ve worked together. We teamed up to create the Game Day Crochet 2020 free shrug pattern earlier this year.

Free crochet shrug pattern by Marly Bird and Robyn Chachula

Robyn is an inspiring crochet designer and author. I interviewed her on the podcast a while back; visit that to learn more about her.

Ready to Make the Crochet Sweater?

Try a fun, new, affordable yarn. Make yourself a cozy, flattering, on-trend crochet sweater. What’s to lose? If you’re ready to make this cropped oversized crochet sweater for yourself (or to gift!), then head over to the free pattern now:

cropped crochet sweater pattern

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