Carry All Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

Making your own tote is a great way to always have a bag with you and to eliminate the use of plastic. Work with your favorite stitch and colors to make something personal to you. Check out my Carry All Crochet Tote Bag Pattern for your next project. It’s your go-to bag for all types of things: market bag, project bag, day bag, and more.

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Crochet Tote Bag Construction

Crochet and bag designs don’t always mix. If you ever find that you’re having trouble designing crochet bag, then most likely the construction isn’t right. If you are making a crochet (or knit) tote, then you really need to think about what you are going to be putting inside of it. If it’s going to be a market bag, library bag, or project bag then you want to make sure that it’s strong enough to carry your groceries, books, or craft supplies.

The more weight you put inside the bag the more reinforcement you will need to make sure that the item is durable. Therefore, you might want to consider lining your tote and / or the strap to make it stronger. Another great way to make your strap more durable is to add a ribbon to the back side. Using the ribbon is a great way to keep the strap from stretching. That way they don’t get longer and longer and longer over time, dragging your tote bag down to the floor. (This is a tip that can also be used for button hole and shoulder seams as well.)

Crochet Tote Bag Stitch Patterns

Before starting a tote project also consider the stitch pattern that is being used. The tighter the stitch, the stronger the tote will be. In this crochet tote bag pattern, you get the opportunity to use a really creative stitch pattern of repeating circles across a row. Moreover, you’ll alternate two colors. Therefore, you’ll really showcase the beautiful shapes of those stitches.

It’s not a common, basic stitch pattern. Therefore, you’ll end up with a crochet tote that looks special. It’s also fun to crochet. You might find that you want to make a few of them in different color combinations. It’s truly a great every-day bag so it wouldn’t hurt to have more than one.

Close It With a Button

You don’t ever want the items in your tote to fall out. Therefore, it’s important to have a closure on your pattern. In this case, you’ll use a very simple button closure. It doesn’t require a lot of skill but it does the trick. Additionally, if you choose a really cool button then it can serve as a design detail.

Get the Carry All Crochet Tote Pattern:

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Carry All Tote crochet purse pattern-2

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    Darnit. I entered the code featured in the Hop Into Spring page and it was expired. It was just before midnight EST when I tried. Beautiful bag. I look forward to getting it another day.

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