Crochet Throw for Beginners-Video Tutorial

The Cozy Time Fringe Throw is a beginner crochet pattern by Salena Baca from Red Heart yarns. This is a free crochet blanket pattern that uses the new Hygge yarn. Hygge crochet throw patterns are soft and cozy afghans that you will want to wrap up in with a cup of coffee and sit next to a fireplace. This is part of the ‘My First with Marly Bird’ series of videos that Marly Bird teaches to help beginner crocheters learn how to construct stitches and make beautiful projects. You can find MANY MORE beginner friendly patterns and video tutorials on youtube by Marly Bird.

FREE Beginner Crochet Throw Pattern with Video Tutorial

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FREE Beginner Crochet Throw pattern-Cozy Time Throw

Red Heart Hygge yarn, which is used in this pattern, is extremely soft and drapey yarn is twisted with a short fur end. Due to the nature of the yarn’s structure it can sometimes be harder to see through video where you stitches are. For that reason I will be using a different yarn at some points in the video so that you can clearly see what I am doing for the stitches.

This crochet video will demonstrate techniques and several crochet stitches including: chain stitch, half double crochet, how to work into foundation chains, how to work into the horizontal bar, how to work in the back loop, and how to make a knotted fringe.

Cozy Time Throw Materials:

Red Heart Hygge Yarn

Video Tutorial:

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