Bobble Crochet Hat Free Pattern

The Summit Chic Crochet Hat is a free crochet hat pattern with great texture and sleek lines. You will use almost one ball of yarn to make this affordable accessory. Grab your favorite color and make this great bobble crochet hat. Then grab your bestie’s favorite color and make one for them as well!

crochet bobble hat free pattern

Long Bobble Stitch

This crochet hat with a brim was a result of me learning a new crochet stitch and wanting to use it immediately. I love the long bobble stitch. It gives a ton of texture to a common and popular pattern. Couple the long bobble with the 3rd loop stitch and you get a LOT of visual appeal. It’s really a lot of fun to crochet this pattern. You get to learn something new, but it’s probably going to be well within your crafty repertoire, since it’s built off of basic stitches. Have fun playing with this stitch in other projects too!

Crochet Beanie Hat vs Crochet Slouch Hat

This bobble crochet hat is designed beanie style. However, you could easily make it into a slouchy hat by adding more stitches at the start of the hat. Just make sure that you keep with the stitch multiple of 6. Then work the body of the hat longer than written. Yes, that means you will need more yarn but if that is the look you are going for, then it is possible. You can adapt most beanie patterns into slouchy hat patterns in this same manner.

Inside this Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern

This hat is designed with bth the beginner crocheter and the experienced crocheter in mind. You will be better off if you know how to crochet a hat, However, if you haven’t before, then you will still be able to navigate your way through the pattern.

The construction is rather easy and the crown shaping is basic. Therefore, the crocheter doesn’t have to overthink while making the hat. You will make the brim of the hat flat with single crochet ribbing. Then you will work along the side edge to create the body of the hat in the round.

The body of the hat is made up of the long double crochet bobble. (You make these in the front post of the stitch.) In addition to those great stitches, the bobble crochet hat uses double crochet stitches worked in the 3rd loop – sometimes called the camel stitch – to create a nice line of “v” around the hat. The combination of the long bobble and the double crochet in the 3rd loop make a hat with great texture and sleek sophistication.

Remember, this is ALMOST a one ball hat project so the investment is not too much. With three balls of yarn you get 2 adult size hats.

FREE Bobble Crochet Hat Pattern

Make this FREE crochet hat pattern with the pattern on my website. Use this link to get the pattern:

FREE Crochet Hat Pattern | Summit Chic Crochet Hat

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