Crochet Fingerless Mitts: 12 FREE Crochet Patterns

Free crochet fingerless mitts patterns: collage of 10 fancy hand warmer designs with free patterns - shaded yarns, motifs, crocodile stitch, lace, faux fur, colorwork, and more.

As winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about crocheting accessories that will keep you warm. Crochet fingerless mitts are a great alternative to regular mittens or gloves because they give you more flexibility in using your fingers. These are great for working in a cold room when you need just a little something to keep your hands warm while typing. Or, when it’s extra cold, you can use them as a layer over your other mittens or gloves for extra warmth. Check out these 12 FREE Crochet Fingerless Mitts patterns and pick one to keep you warm today.

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3-in-1 Knit and Crochet Handwarmers

Stitch along knit handwarmers - mitts that transform into mittens and vice versa. 3 images each of 2 colorways: light grey with 2 blues and green chequered pattern, tan with orange, red, coral shades.

Fingerless mitts are great, but they aren’t the only option. That’s why you might want to check out the 3-in-1 handwarmers stitch-along. You can make mittens, fingerless mittens, or convertible mittens in either knit or crochet. It’s a stitch-a-long happening mid-November 2020, and then after that, of course, the patterns and video tutorials will be available for use.

12 FREE Crochet Fingerless Mitts Patterns

Each of the one dozen free crochet fingerless mitts patterns included in this roundup has something unique about it. Enjoy exploring all of the different options as you find the crochet hand warmer pattern that will work best for you this winter. Or make a bunch of them and accessorize differently throughout the season!

1. X-Stitch Challenge Fingerless Mitts Designed by Pattern Paradise

Paradise-X-Stitch Challenge - fingerless gloves in green and black with buckle at back of wrist.

This free crochet pattern for fingerless gloves uses a modified X stitch. It’s a fun but easy stitch to create a warm texture for your hands. The ribbed cuff on these crochet hand warmers helps ensure they stay cozy against your skin so they don’t let in any draft. Use two colors to create striping for an eye-popping accessory.


2. Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves Designed by Heart Hook Home

Dragon Tears by Heart Hook Home - in granny and crocodile stitch in shaded yarn white through grey.

If you haven’t ever tried the crochet crocodile stitch, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to learn one of the best crochet techniques out there. It’s simply so unique. No matter how long you’ve been crocheting, it adds something new to your repertoire. That stitch makes up the hand portion of these crochet fingerless gloves. The rest is a classic granny stitch, which complements the textured crochet of the crocodile stitch perfectly.

UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that this isn’t a free pattern. We apologize for making that error when writing this post. We love the pattern, so we’ll leave it here if you want to buy it. But we’ve added another free fingerless crochet gloves pattern at the bottom of the list so we don’t short you! Plus, we’ve updated the top of this post to let you know about the 3-in-1 hand warmers StitchALong.


3. Primrose and Proper Fingerless Mitts by Kirsten Holloway Designs

Primrose and Proper by Kirsten Holloway Designs - lacy and delicate in white, on model standing in falling snow.

These lace crochet fingerless gloves are worked as flat. Basically, you create a rectangle, which you then fold in half to seam. Adding simple stitching to the two short edges creates cute crochet mitts. They’re romantic and perfect for dressing up your holiday outfits.


4. Moroccan Midnight Fingerless Mitts Designed by Moogly

Moroccan Midnight Fingerless Mitts designed by Moogly-black main color with blocks of color peeking through. Hand holding wooden crochet hook.

The Moroccan Tile Stitch is a very unique crochet stitch. Nobody does this stitch as Moogly does. Therefore, you’ll want to check out her free crochet fingerless gloves pattern utilizing this amazing textured stitch. Because of the texture, this is a chunky crochet fingerless glove pattern even though it’s worked with Aran weight yarn. So cozy for winter warmth!

Note: If you like this design, then you might also be drawn to the Moroccan Tiles Crochet Afghan pattern.


5. Cat Paw Hand Warmers with Fur Designed by YARNutopia

Cat Paw Hand Warmers with Fur designed by YARNutopia-free crochet fingerless mitts in turquosie blue wuith grey pawprints on palms and fur trim at hand and cuff edges. Model wearing cat make-up with whiskers & heart nose.

Is there anything cuter than this crochet fingerless mitts pattern? If you love cats, you’ll definitely want to make these. They have “furry” edges and an adorable paw print on the palms. And if you know a cat lover, then these Red Heart crochet fingerless gloves are a perfect choice for a gift!


6. Vintage Fingerless Gloves Designed by The Lavender Chair

Vintage Fingerless Gloves designed by The Lavender Chair-FREE Crochet Fingerless MItt Pattern - lacy shell stitch pattern with ribbed cuff in shades of tan/brown.

Use the beautiful but simple crochet V stitch to create these easy crochet fingerless gloves. They have ribbed cuffs that add texture, visual appeal, and warmth. The openwork nature of the v-stitch makes these perfect for cool days or to wear layered over other gloves.


7. Dainty Bow Crochet Arm Warmers Designed by Whistle and Ivy

Crochet fingerless mitts free pattern by Whistle and Ivy - long (elbow-length) crochet mitts in cream with coral bow on back of hand.

Sometimes, you need to add a simple little detail to really basic crochet stitches to make something really unique and special. That’s what Whistle and Ivy did with this fingerless gloves free crochet pattern. If you know how to half double crochet, then you can make these crochet armwarmers. And yet the addition of the little bow turns them into something eye-catching. Plus, you can use the crochet bow pattern on its own to create bows for holiday gifts, other accessories, and decor.


8. All Grown up Arm Warmers Designed by Moogly

All Grown up Arm Warmers-FREE Crochet Fingerless Mitts by Moogly - in black and grey stripes, double crochet and rib design. Arm, with hand holding pencil, on wood bacground.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated crochet armwarmers pattern, then look no further than this neutral striped design by Moogly. But don’t mistake “all grown up” for lacking in style. The use of shallow post stitches and working in the back loop only creates really intriguing texture that makes these crochet fingerless gloves stylish and contemporary. And the switch to vertical striping for either end adds extra visual appeal. Have fun making these, and feel comfortable wearing them almost anywhere.


9. Starburst Granny Square Arm Warmers Designed by Whistle and Ivy

Starburst Granny Square Arm Warmers designed by Whistle and Ivy-FREE Crochet Fingerless mItts in grey with navy, and pale pink. On model sitting at picnic table.

The classic granny square has so many different variations. This one uses the starburst variation. It has a punch of holiday pop that makes this a great crochet fingerless mitts pattern for wintertime. Think snowflakes. And yet, with subtle color choices, they aren’t too over-the-top. Enjoy constructing squares in such a way that they become cute fingerless gloves.


10. Chunky Fingerless Crochet Gloves Designed by Jessica James

Chunky Fingerless Crochet Gloves-FREE 
cuff-length Crochet Fingerless Mitt pattern in grey, palms up, against grey background.

You only need to know basic stitches to work with this chunky fingerless gloves free crochet pattern. And yet, they’re worked in a fun combination that creates dense warmth. Some fingerless crochet mitt patterns have thumbholes, and some don’t; these do. Therefore, if that’s a feature you want in your crochet hand warmers, this is a good pattern to bookmark and use again and again.


11. Vintage Arm Warmers Designed by Whistle and Ivy

Vintage Arm Warmers Designed by Whistle and Ivy-FREE Crochet Fingerless Mitts Pattern in grey with delicate white shell trim at hand and down outer arm, with small buttons at outer back hand and cuff.

If you enjoy the romance and whimsy of vintage-inspired crochet patterns, then you’ll want to give these a go. They’re a fairly straightforward crochet fingerless mitts pattern. However, the addition of contrasting frilly edging along with cute buttons makes them special.


12. Madly in Love Mitts Designed by Moogly

Madly in Love Mitts Designed by Moogly-FREE Crochet Fingerless Mitts pattern in red puff stitch with braided band and button at back wrist.

Two things make these crochet fingerless mitts stand out from the others. First, they utilize the puff stitch. This texture makes this a chunky fingerless gloves free crochet pattern, although it’s worked with worsted weight yarn. That chunky texture is fun to work on, and it’s also extra warm for the winter. But even more special is the second feature: a bulky braid that almost resembles a bracelet around the wrist. Moogly has a hat and crochet cowl pattern to match this design, so you could create an entire accessories set. Perfect for gifting!


13. FurlsCrochet Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves

You might notice this list has thirteen items, not twelve as advertised. That’s because we mistakenly added a pattern up there (#2) that we later realized wasn’t a free pattern. So here’s the extra free crochet pattern to make up for that!

Crocodile Stitch fingerless gloves free crochet pattern in shaded yarn - from wine red through orange, gold, to light and mid-greys. Model wearing dark lipstick, holding hand up to shoulder.


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