My New Book Is Ready for Download! Check Out These Cute Crochet Baby Blankets Patterns

I love all of my Leisure Arts knit and crochet books. So I’m thrilled to share that the newest one, filled with crochet baby blankets patterns, is now ready on their site for download. I’ve put together ten different creative crochet designs for anyone who enjoys making blankets for babies.

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10 Reasons to Crochet Baby Blankets

A lot of people really love to crochet baby blankets. Here are the top ten reasons why:

  1. It’s a project that’s not too big but not too small.
  2. You can work on simple designs or choose complicated ones.
  3. They’re perfect to crochet for charity.
  4. We all know babies being born who need cute gifts.
  5. It’s a great way to connect to your own baby before they are born.
  6. Crochet baby blanket patterns are also suitable as adult lapghans, pet blankets, and small rugs.
  7. Who doesn’t love seeing their work photographed with a cute baby?
  8. They’re a great size and shape of project to work on learning new techniques.
  9. Crochet baby blankets make great heirlooms for generations of families.
  10. Put simply, many people find that it’s fun to crochet baby blankets!
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Crochet Baby Blankets Are Cute Decor

I didn’t name this among the top ten reasons, but it’s true. When babies aren’t all wrapped up in those cute blankets, you can display the blankets in the nursery. I’ve specifically created these patterns to utilize a range of different eye-catching colors and unique stitch patterns. Therefore, they’re the kind of blankets you’ll not only have fun making but will also delight in seeing around the home. In fact, the actual title of the book is Simple Baby Blankets – 10 Designs to Decorate Baby’s Room.

Baby-Friendly Crochet Blanket Patterns

It’s always important to think about the baby’s use of the blanket, though. I made sure to consider that with each of these designs. The yarn is friendly to baby’s soft skin. Moreover, the textures of the crochet stitch patterns that I’ve chosen are perfect for babies who are beginning to explore their worlds with those cute chubby little fingers. You’ll notice that the designs are dense, not openwork, so that baby’s fingers don’t easily slip through and get stuck. I took all of a baby’s needs into consideration when making these blanket patterns, while also thinking about the crocheter’s desires during crafting.

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Fun Crochet Stitch Patterns

I’ve tried to incorporate a lot of different stitch patterns into this collection of crochet baby blankets. Some of them are familiar to most crocheters, even beginners. For example, you’ll find the granny stitch in one of these designs. Others are slightly more advanced but still highly common – the basketweave stitch, for example, which I’ve done in a striped version. Still others give you a chance to learn new skills or brush up on old ones. For example, check out the feather stitch and long bobbles in a couple of the pattern. As usual, the book contains all of the information that you need to work any special stitches.

Download This Crochet Book Now

Leisure Arts has begun to offer this crochet book for download only. You can get on their site right now. It only costs $7.99. That’s less than eighty cents per pattern!

Simple Baby Blankets Crochet Book by Marly Bird

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