Craft Subscription Box Options from Mary Maxim

Recently, I shared some of the most fun things for Christmas from the Mary Maxim Catalog. Within that, I mentioned that there are craft subscription box options for both knitters and crocheters. However, I thought they were worth elaborating on. So, I’m here to tell you about their monthly and quarterly knit and crochet clubs. Additionally, there are a few other cool Mary Maxim clubs you might want to know about.

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craft subscription boxes for knitters and crocheters

Knitters’ Craft Subscription Box Options

There are two core craft subscription box options for each knitters and crocheters. One is monthly, the other is quarterly.

Monthly Knitter Club

The Knit Club of the Month is great for knitters who like to work on a variety of different quick projects. When you sign up, you pay $9.99 plus shipping and handling for the first month. Then you receive your craft subscription box in the mail. It includes that month’s knitting pattern and the yarn to complete the project. Each month afterwards, Mary Maxim automatically bills you $16.99 plus shipping and handling, sending you the next box. If you decide that this monthly knitters club isn’t right for you, just call and cancel future boxes.

Quarterly Craft Subscription Box for Knitters

The other option is the Quarterly Knit Afghan Club. You pay $29.99 plus shipping and handling for an entire year’s worth of this subscription. Every three months, you’ll receive a new knit afghan kit in the mail. Your subscription renews annually. Of course, you can cancel it if you decide it isn’t quite your thing. However, having yarn and a new knit afghan pattern show up in the mail every few months can be a really inspiring way to craft through the year. When you join this club, you’ll also get a free copy of Best of Mary Maxim Afghan Book, which includes eight knit blanket patterns.

Mary Maxim Crochet Clubs

Crocheters have the same options as knitters do when it comes to their craft subscription boxes, although of course these are crochet patterns instead of knit designs. Sign up for either (or both) the monthly crochet club or the quarterly crochet afghan club.

Craft Subscription Box Tip for BiCrafty Folks

Do you enjoy both knitting and crochet? Here’s an idea, sign up for a monthly box in one craft and a quarterly subscription to the other craft. Many people find that they crochet faster than they knit. Therefore, you might want to sign up for the quarterly crochet afghan club. After all, you might find it more feasible to crochet an afghan ever three months than to knit one.

At the same time, you can sign up for a monthly knitters subscription. You’ll get knit projects in the mail monthly that will take a shorter amount of time to complete. You’ll always have something to work on in either craft.

Preferred Crafters Club Membership

In addition to the craft subscription box options above, you should definitely know about Mary Maxim’s Preferred Crafters Club Membership. If you shop frequently with Mary Maxim, then you can pay a small annual fee to save money in the long run. You pay $19.99 for this VIP membership. Then, for a full year, you get 10% off every single item that you purchase including sale items.

If you spent $200 or more per year at Mary Maxim, then you get your money back. Plus, you also get some extra things if you’re part of the Preferred Crafters Club Membership. You receive:

  • One 50% off coupon that you can use on any single item throughout the year
  • Free shipping coupon on one order of your choosing during the year
  • Annual letter from the Mary Maxim president that includes an additinonal savings offer for members only

Your subscription renews annually unless you cancel it.

Other Craft Subscription Box Options from Mary Maxim

If you enjoy other crafts besides knitting and crochet, then you should check out the other Mary Maxim Clubs, too. If you love puzzles, choose from three different puzzle clubs based on the number of jigsaw puzzle pieces that you like to work with. Other options are the Ornament of the Month craft club and the Plastic Canvas Club of the Month.

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