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Do you love crochet cables? Or do you want to learn more about them? Either way, you’re in for a treat with the Classic Cable Collection CAL. I’m thrilled to have teamed up with three of my favorite crochet designer friends to bring you this crochet-along featuring fun designs that use crochet cables in innovative ways. The CAL starts May 2, 2022. All of the patterns are now available, but each week one of us designers will lead that week’s portion of the CAL. By the end of the month, you’ll have really upped your crochet cable game.

NOTE: The patterns are free online now. However, you get perks if you purchase the associated eBook, so don’t delay!

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What Is The Classic Cable Collection CAL?

This is a four-week crochetalong that comes with an exclusive eBook of crochet cable pattern downloads. Each week, one of four different designers will share their pattern, offering you new ways to work with crochet cables.

This CAL provides a great opportunity to:

  • Expand your crochet cable skills
  • Crochet in community with others, coming together not just with the Marly Bird community but with the communities of three other awesome crochet designers
  • Make four unique crochet cable designs in one month using our patterns, video tutorials, and instruction

Who Are The Designers?

Did you pay attention to the Classic Crochet Cozy Collection CAL I mentioned a few months back? If so, then you already know the awesome designers that I’m working with:

These wonderful women have launched a few of these unique crochet-alongs in the past, and I’m thrilled to join them as the fourth designers for the Classic Cable Collection CAL.

What Are The Crochet Cable Designs?

classic cable collection cal

Each of us designers has used crochet cables in unique ways. I’ve crafted a cable crochet blanket using crochet cables worked in rows. However, if you ever worked cables in rows before using post stitches, then you know that sometimes you see gaps in the fabric where the cables are. I’ve got a solution for this! Learn what it is and take your crochet cable skills to the next level. Here’s another sneak peek at the blanket, and you can see the full pattern here:

crochet cable blanket for CAL collection
Click the image to get the Ad-Free PDF of all 4 patterns!

You can also find my crochet cable blanket over on Ravelry. Queue it up today!

As you can see from the image above, the Classic Cable Collection CAL also includes:

Billow Yarn

Billow Yarn

We all worked with Billow Yarn for these projects. Billow is a wonderful bulky weight cotton yarn. Since it’s cotton, it’s still light to work with even though it’s a bulky yarn. It also has great stitch definition for showcasing the cables. And yet, it works up quickly, which makes it perfect for completing these projects one week at a time each during the CAL. Billow comes in 18 beautiful colorways.

Join Us for the Classic Cable Collection CAL

Join us for all of these cable crochet patterns and a really fun, educational, inspiring CAL!

classic cable collection cal

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