Camp Colorwork is HERE! Knitters and Crocheters Invited.

Camp Colorwork is truly the ultimate course in knit and crochet colorwork. If you already joined in through that, then you know that there’s an amazing amount of material in this course. It is the ultimate color work course to unleash your creativity! You will become an EXPERT in color work after completing this camp!

This course is loaded with patterns and comes with more than 60 video tutorials to teach you every possible thing you might want to learn about color in either craft (or both, if you’re BiCrafty.) There are 6 NEW patterns & 8 BONUS patterns. All of this comes with a 20 year collective knowledge from two industry experts. I am so excited to share this with you!

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You’ve Never Seen Such a Comprehensive Course in Knit and Crochet Colorwork

Honestly, when Robyn and I had completed all of the materials for Camp Colorwork and could finally take a step back and look at what we had accomplished – I was stunned. I know that we both work really hard to bring you the best and most comprehensive lessons but this time we really outdid ourselves. There are so many rich aspects of colorwork. We have brought you:

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques in knit and crochet colorwork
  • Hours upon hours upon hours of carefully detailed video instruction; it’s more than five dozen video tutorials
  • Half a dozen really great new patterns plus some of my best past patterns for knit and crochet colorwork
  • A deep dive into the use of color charts in both knit and crochet. I’m not sure Robyn or I ever really realized just how much there is to these until we started aggregating all of that information in one place!
  • And more!!!!!!!

Detailed Video Instruction Plus Supplemental Forms of Learning

It’s really important to me that I offer detailed video instruction to show you what I mean when I’m explaining how to do something. Many people learn best this way. And sure, there are a million videos on the Internet about “how to knit” or “how to crochet” different techniques. But have you ever noticed that most of those are too short, have bad lighting or angles that make it hard to see exactly what you’re doing, or stay at the beginner level and never take things further? What I like to do is give you ALL of the information. I show you exactly what to do, explain why we do it that way, let you know if there are alternatives, show you again if it seems important to do so.

So, you’ve got 63 videos here in Camp Colorwork. If you just want to practice one specific knit or crochet colorwork technique, you can hone in on the videos related to that technique. The course, after all, has fifteen different modules offering all types of different stuff to learn. If you are ready to learn all that there possibly is to know about knit and crochet colorwork, well, it’s in there!

Detailed Written Patterns with Charts, Etc.

People have different learning styles, of course. Maybe you prefer to read a detailed pattern then just look at videos if you need extra help. Well, we provide plenty of written materials, charts, etc. in all of my courses and definitely in Camp Colorwork. Heck, one of the patterns is, by itself, 30 pages long! Now, that might sound ridiculous, but if you’re looking to learn a detailed technique (in that particular case, Mosaic Crochet), then the more information the better.

Bonuses, Links, and More

I like to give you more and then give you even more. This course is filled with links to various extra resources that you might find helpful. We have bonuses of different types available. Whenever I’m working on a course like this, my mind is going a mile per minute. I’m coming up with new techniques and patterns and keep making ALL THE THINGS. And I’m also thinking back to past projects that are perfect to showcase different aspects of the course and wondering, “do they already know this pattern?” So I add that in there as I go so that you have everything I’m thinking of.

What You Will Learn in Camp Colorwork

knit and crochet colorwork techniques

Here are just a few of the techniques that we cover:

Crochet Colorwork Techniques

Knit Colorwork Techniques

And more!

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