Cable Crochet Made Easy with Bonnie Bay Crochet

Have you considered making cables in crochet? Sometimes looking at crochet cables can make it look like an intimidating technique. Bonnie Barker had just launched a self published book called “Cable Crochet Made Easy” to help ease you into working with Cables.

Crochet Cables Made Easy by Bonnie Barker

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About Bonnie Bay:

Bonnie has been crocheting since she was 7 years old and currently has quite a few books out on the market. Most of her work is centered around crochet cables. You can also find her work in many of the magazine publications. You can read more about Bonnie on the Bonnie Bay Crochet website.

Crochet Cables Made Easy:

“Crochet Cables Made Easy” is a great project book for those who love cables. All 18 patterns in the book feature a cable in the pattern. The range of projects includes hats, fingerless gloves, scarves and ponchos.

Bonnie has worked hard to cover all of her bases. She has the written pattern in the book, there are no charts, and also includes a video tutorial for all of the patterns. Not only will you be able to learn to read cable patterns but she is there every step of the way to teach you how to make the project. These videos are included in the purchase of your book.

Another great think about this book is that all except three patterns require no sewing. The three that do need seaming are simple straight lines and can be done with a slip stitch.

This book would be the perfect gift for a friend that loves cables or for your self to start a new fall item. Be sure to check out the book and grab your copy over on Amazon, link below.

Purchase Your Copy of Crochet Cables Made Easy:

Crochet Cables Made Easy by Bonnie Barker

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  1. Peggy-Sue Lewis says:

    Hi Bonnie, just would like you to know that I’ve completed 2 of the throws. The Basketweave Diamond throw and I just finished the Holiday Cables Throw today. The 1st one was a little challenging for me. I did more pulling out than I put in but I persevered and finished it. The 2nd throw was a lot easier. To think I’ve only been at this for 5 years. I’m going to find another one to make. Thanks again for the videos. ….

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