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You know how much I love to share the fun of sports games with a good stitch-along. You’ve probably been part of Game Day, Turkey Trot and/ or Tournament of Stitches in the past. Well, if you love these stitch-alongs as much as I do, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Olympics BiCrafty Games! We’ll all cast on during the Opening Ceremonies. Then we’ll open a new package each day to stitch part of a big statement shawl. And by the Closing Ceremonies we’ll each have a finished item to show off to the crafty community.

Olympics BiCrafty Games Is a Fabulous Collaboration

I am thrilled to be part of the team bringing you the Olympic BiCrafty Games. I’m one of the pattern designers for the mystery make-along. The other is Robyn Chachula, who I always love working with. We’re the designers for the project which is headed up by Destination Yarn and Erin.Lane Bags.

Destination Yarn is a yarn company inspired by travel. They believe in hand-dyed, sustainable, locally-sourced materials that draw inspiration from amazing places around the world. The Olympics are perfect for such inspiration, aren’t they?

And of course, you know Erin.Lane bags, maker of some of my very favorite knit and crochet storage and organization options.

They’ve teamed up to create an amazing BiCrafty Games box that you’ll definitely want to get in on.

bicrafty games makealong

What Is The BiCrafty Games Box?

You purchase the BiCrafty Games Box to participate in the mystery make-along. You’ll receive your box before the Olympics begin. Within the box you’ll find individually wrapped packages. The idea is that you will open one package each day of the 17 days of the stitch-along. We’ll all be working together, one package at a time.

kal and cal stitch along for olympics

Your package will include:

  • 1400+ yards of hand-dyed, fingering weight yarn in ten new, exclusive colorways. There are two different colorway options to choose from. The International Competition Box is rich, bold colors while the Japanese Garden Box is a softer, more muted set of tones.
  • 5+ Erin.Lane bags in new, exclusive fabrics to keep everything organized for the project. The fabrics you get pair with the yarn colorway you chose. The International Competition Box includes Sheeple competing in the Olympics sports. In contrast, the Japanese Garden Box is inspired by traditional Japanese prints.
  • Various notions and treats from small business partners
  • The knit and crochet patterns for the mystery make-along statement shawl. This includes a digital course with video support. Moreover, at the end, you’ll get an ad-free PDF of the patterns. Anyone who wants to buy the patterns later will have to pay full price. You get them as part of the box. Therefore, the box is clearly the better deal. Plus, the box is the fun part of crafting together!
  • As usual with the stitch-alongs, you get to craft in community with others, share your makes online, chat about the Olympics as we all watch together, and enjoy trivia, giveaways, and more.

Buy the Olympics BiCrafty Games Box

You can purchase the Olympics BiCrafty Game box from Destination Yarn or Erin.Lane Bags. If it’s sold out in one store, check the other. You can make interest-free payments on either vendors’ website using Sezzle. You can make four payments over six weeks. Your final payment will be complete just before the boxes start shipping out in early July. Your boxes will arrive well before the games begin.

bicrafty games stitchalong

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  1. Marsha Fleming says:

    I’ve never knitted a shawl and this is going to be so cool. please post what tools we will need to get ASAP. (Anything that will not be in the Box)… what size needles, how many stitch markers, etc.so I can either gather at home or go buy them. I’m still buying online. Thanks so much for you and Robyn’s creativeness and devotion. BTW just saw the video for adding a lifeline that was on this page and will be getting a size 1 or 2 needle as soon as I figure out how long I need the cable to be. For sure I need to get more Chaigoo cables. 😉 hugs Marsha Fleming

  2. Kathy J says:

    Well, I wish everyone a great time. Not participating as I have allergy to wool. It would be nice some time if yarn companies and others would take that in to consideration.

  3. Kathleen Batson says:

    This sounds like so much fun but I’m allergic to wool. And I do agree with ladies above that have expressed concern about some yarn companies should take this into consideration as well. I’, sure that there’s a lot of us out here that can’t use certain products because of allergies. I do hope that everyone has a great time doing this none the less. Stay safe & God Bless you all.

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