A Crochet Wrap Pattern You Don’t Want To Miss

I have a crochet wrap pattern for you today. It’s one that you might have seen before if you’re a devoted Marly Bird fan. However, it’s a really old pattern, so it’s okay if you’re not familiar with it. That’s why I’m pulling it out again today! The Alpaca Clouds Wrap is actually the very first pattern that I ever put up for sale when I decided to start selling my patterns back in 2008. It’s the kind of crochet pattern that makes knitters want to learn to crochet. So, in case you aren’t familiar with it, I just wanted to point your attention to it today.

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crochet wrap pattern

A Crochet Wrap In The Right Size

One of the things that I really liked about this crochet wrap pattern when I first designed it was that it’s just the perfect size. It’s large enough to offer warmth to people of different body sizes. In fact, unlike with most crochet accessories patterns, I’ve designed this in two sizes: average and plus size. (You use 4-5 hanks and 7 hanks of yarn respectively to make them.) So, you have options!

And yet, it isn’t a blanket scarf. It’s not going to swallow you up. It’s lightweight but it has full coverage. So, if you’re looking for a rectangular crochet shawl that might be just the right size, I recommend checking out this oldie-but-goodie.

Cozy Alpaca Yarn

I designed this crochet wrap pattern for use with Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn. It’s a great worsted weight yarn that’s actually a blend of alpaca and wool. Alpaca is a soft lightweight yarn that works really well for wraps. If you like the touch of it on your skin, then you’ll like this wrap.

Other Yarn Options

Here are some alternatives to the aforementioned yarn that you might want to try when working with this pattern:

  • City Tweed DK. This is also an alpaca-wool blend. However, instead of a 50/50 blend, it combines 55% merino wool with 25% super fine alpaca fiber. The rest is Donegal Tweed, giving you a beautiful tweed coloring that makes for a unique wrap. Note that this yarn is a slightly lighter yarn weight than what’s called for in the original pattern; luckily wraps are versatile in terms of gauge (and you can always make it wider or longer if you want too!)
  • Alpaca Cloud DK. This is also a DK weight yarn. In this case, though, it’s 100% baby alpaca fiber. If you want a wrap that is soft, soft, soft, then try yarn like this.
  • Wonderfluff. Do you want to go with a yarn that’s a little bulkier instead of a little thinner? Try Wonderfluff. It’s 70% baby alpaca, just 7% merino wool, and the rest is nylon for some stretch. It’s another great option.
  • Patons Alpaca Blend. This is another bulky yarn option. This one is only 8% alpaca and the rest is wool and acrylic. If you want the softness of natural fiber but it makes you a little bit itchy, then a blend like this can be a great happy medium.

Get The Crochet Wrap Pattern

Are you ready to crochet this alpaca wrap? Get the pattern on Ravelry.

alpaca crochet wrap pattern

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