7 Colorful Crochet Vest Patterns for Spring

crochet vest patterns

Crochet vests are starting to look like they’re going to be a spring/summer trend. They’re great because you can wear them over blouses and dresses of varying sleeve length to adapt to almost any weather. Are you ready to embrace this trend? Here are seven cute, colorful crochet vest patterns that are perfect for spring.

1. Caron Color Block Party Crochet Vest

Caron Color Block Party Crochet Vest

This is one of the new crochet vest patterns over at Yarnspirations. In fact, it was seeing this super fun, colorful, springtime crochet vest that inspired the idea for this post. It has a great retro vibe but it’s totally contemporary and is going to be on trend for spring for sure.

There are many different vest styles; this one is the kind that you can wear over a long-sleeved blouse, a short-sleeved dress, or even as a tank top all on its own.

2. Waterfall Waistcoast Cardigan Pattern

Waterfall Waistcoast Cardigan Pattern

This is the vest style that many people think of when choosing vests for their wardrobe. It’s an open-front flowing design that you can wear over a variety of different tops and dresses. This is one of two crochet vest patterns that I designed about a decade ago. They still stand the test of time. This one was first shown in an issue of Inside Crochet and then later in Love of Crochet. You can get the pattern today by purchasing the Love of Crochet issue; you’ll find the link on my Ravelry page for this pattern or right here. Note: image is from @artobella.

3. Poinsettia Vest Crochet Pattern

poinsettia vest crochet pattern

This is the second of the two crochet vest patterns I mentioned. It was featured in the 2012 Love of Crochet magazine, which you can still purchase online. Although it references poinsettias and definitely works for the holidays, this pattern also works well for spring. It’s obviously a floral design, and you could create it in different colors.Use a variegated bright yarn to make it especially interesting! The openwork design is perfect for pairing with many things in your wardrobe.

4. Best In Hoodie Vest Free Crochet Pattern

Best in Hoodie Vest Free Crochet Pattern

A little bit hippie, a little bit steampunk, this is one of the most unique and versatile crochet vest patterns. And it has a hood! The tie-front is a favorite feature of this unique vest design.

5. Red Heart Rainbow Circle Vest Free Pattern


This is one of those crochet vest patterns that you can make nice and long for flow, which is perfect for spring wardrobes. And look at those fun colors. The circles are so easy to crochet but they make for a really fun polka-dot-inspired design!

6. Red Heart Stunning Vest Free Crochet Pattern

Red Heart Stunning Vest Free Crochet Pattern

Take a simple crochet vest pattern but work it in a really bold color. Then use a big satin ribbon to tie it together in the front with a bow. Fabulous.

7. Red Heart Cozy No Seam Vest Free Crochet Pattern

Red Heart Cozy No Seam Crochet Vest Free Pattern

Did you know that you can basically crochet a square or rectangle with built-in armholes and you’ve created a vest? It’s a super simple seamless approach to crochet vest patterns. Try it with this pattern!

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