20 Stash Busting Knitting Patterns: Free + Bonus

Nobody likes the name yarn hoarder. It’s much more polite to say we are “connoisseurs of the yarn stash” <giggle>. Well, for those of you who are like me, have an abundance of yarn, and aren’t sure what to make with it. Here are over 20 Stash Busting Knitting Patterns just for you.

Now, if you get hand-me-down yarn from a friend, find a boatload of yarn at the thrift store, or maybe hit the perfect clearance sale at Hobby Lobby, you have free knitting patterns to help you get through that surplus of yarn (SO WE CAN BUY MORE!)!

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Buying Yarn and Knitting with Yarn are 2 Different Hobbies

Half the fun of knitting is the action of buying the yarn. I always tell my husband that when I go into a store and see the yarn on the shelves, my mind fills with the possibilities of what that yarn can become.

Will I buy that superwash Merino and make a cute hat? How about that self-striping sock yarn…should I make a pair of toe-up socks? Oh, I know. I’ll buy that new Swirl Cake by Caron and knit a shrug!

Marly buying yarn at Michaels

Whatever the yarn, I can think of a project. But my problem is that I often think of too many projects and can’t decide. So my productivity is stifled, the yarn is lying in wait, and my yarn stash grows. Sound Familiar?

Enter the ever-helpful list of 20 Stash Busting Knitting Patterns. A list like this one is helpful because I get to see a whole lot of different free knitting patterns in one place. Then I can pick one pattern and move my productivity forward. No more lost knitting mojo.

How Do I Choose A Free Knitting Pattern?

When I go to choose the perfect pattern for my stashed yarn, I’ll usually look at the stash-busting knitting pattern list. Then, I look at my yarn stash, all organized and stored away, just waiting to become something spectacular. I wait for the ah-ha moment to hit. The moment when you know you’ve made the best marriage possible between a knitting pattern and the yarn from your stash.

20 Stash Busting Knitting Patterns

Okay, I know you want 20 free knitting patterns, and you got it. Take a look at this list and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite 😉 PSST: Don’t miss the special bundle deal below

Click the name next to the number to get each free knitting pattern

1. Squishy Knit Headband????

Warm up in style with a knit headband in Red Heart Heat Wave. I know this amazing yarn was on sale last fall,l and it’s in your stash. Now is the time to use it up!

2. Twisted Knit Headband ⭐️

Use up that stash of Velvet yarn and make perfect quick-knit gifts. Also, did you know there are new colors of this yarn at JOANN? You can use it to make the 2020 Stitch Along Chevron and Entrelac Knit Blanket. Details are here, click the ????

3. Faux-sure to be a HIT with the SQUISH❤️

Not sure how to do this fantastic faux stitch? No worries, I have a video that can help. Click Here to watch ????

4. Long Color Change Yarn Perfection ????

I am a sucker for a good long color-changing yarn like Colorscape or Caron Cakes (exclusive to Michaels). This project would be beautiful in either one of those or the new Bernat Symphony yarn it calls for in the pattern. Check it out.

5. Bring in the Harvest Stash Buster Blanket????

Knitting blankets can be daunting, but this one will keep you interested. Use up your stash of basic worsted weight yarn and make a family treasure.

6. Mega Mindless Knit ????

Give winter the cold shoulder with this super dense blanket to keep out the chill. Use a Mega Bulky yarn in various colors or put four strands of worsted weight yarn together to get about the same thickness. This project will fly off your US 35 (19mm) needles!

7. Grab All The Colors ???? || One of my favs!

This piece is a perfect way to use up many colors of the same yarn. It looks great on everybody and is sized from Sx – 5xl!

8. I Got Your Back (scratcher)????

The perfect addition to any spa set, this back scratcher uses up your scrubby yarn.

9. I Gotta Make This❣️

I see some pieces, and I instantly FALL IN LOVE! This is one of them. Grab your best worsted weight yarn and make this for yourself. You are worth it!

10. Cozy Up On The Couch Shawl ||Reader Favorite ????

All you need is some cozy yarn and a little video help from me to make this wonderful pattern. It’s a favorite pattern of Marly Bird readers and YouTube Subscribers.

11. Simple and Satisfying ????

This one-ball project is simple and oh-so-satisfying to make. There is a video tutorial to help even an adventurous beginner knitter make it. You won’t be disappointed.

12. Mosaic Madness ????

Were you like many other knitters who stocked up on the softest yarn from the coolest sheep? Now is your time to make something you will love to wrap yourself in at home, out and about, or just because.

13. Holiday Armadillo ????

Okay, what’s up with no armadillo images? I went ahead and added little Marcelle (where are my FRIENDS hiding?). You have heard of the Holiday Armadillo, right? Well, now you can make one of your own. Arlene and Andy Stitchadillo are free knitting and free crochet amigurumi patterns.

14. The Perfect Stash Buster to Work Up this Afternoon ????

I made this in an afternoon, and I loved it so much I made this to make it a set! These projects are seriously the perfect stash-buster projects. If you have some leftover worsted weight yarn in many colors, try it now.

15. Love You and Stripes ❤️

Grab that light baby yarn and whip up some of these blankets for future baby showers or just because. They’re sure to be a crowd favorite.

16. Super Simple Two Ball Shawl ????

I think the pattern says it all for this one. Treat yourself with some amazing soft worsted weight yarn and make this in no time at all.

17. Lace Panel Poncho || I ❤️ This One & Have My Own

After teaching how to make this piece for a video I fell in love with it and made one for myself. I rarely do that, but there was something about the ease of this lace stitch pattern coupled with the beauty of this long color changing yarn. Take a look, you will agree.

18. Perfect for Game Day ????⚽️⚾️????

Okay, I made one of these, and I wear it more than I ever thought I would. Seriously, every time I go to my son’s football games, and it’s chilly outside, you can bet I have this around my neck. It is a MUST MAKE!

19. All You Need Is Knit ????

My daughter wants this cowl, and I told her she could raid my stash and make one for herself. Since it only uses a knit stitch in the round, it’s super easy. If you want to get jogless join with the stripes, I recommend watching this video!


This easy knit and purl stitch can be spiced up with a long color-changing yarn or keep it simple in a solid color. Either way, this is sure to be a hit. (Psst: it looks really similar to one of my own quick-knit patterns!)


These patterns aren’t free, but they are worthy of your stash yarn. And look at the special offer below!

⭐️ Great Falls Poncho

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⭐️ Perfect for Him or Her

⭐️ Topping on the Cake

⭐️ Dual Cable Hat

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