Yarn Review-Hygge Charm

Hygge Charm is a new yarn from Red Heart that fits into that the Hygge movement. What is Hygge? Hygge’s definition is a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture). Hygge charm is a yarn that you won’t want put down.

Red Heart Hygge Charm

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About the Yarn:

Red Heart Hygge Charm is a worsted weight 97% acrylic and 3% other fibers yarn. Each ball has 432 yards and comes in 16 different colors.

What are the other fibers you may be asking. Inside the ply of the yarn you will find a fine piece of metallic fiber.

REd Heart Hygge Charm

When I first heard that there was a metallic fiber I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy working with the yarn. In the past when there has been metallic in the yarn it has hurt my fingers as I continued to work with it. That is NOT the case with this yarn.

Even with the metallic fiber running through the yarn is still super soft. I was able to knit the entire sweater without and discomfort using the yarn. Metallic in yarn in the past has meant something very noticeable. With Hygge Charm it is just a light touch to make your finished piece sparkle.

Featured in the Spring 2019 KAL:

This year we will be making the My First Sweater for the Spring 2019 KAL with Red Heart. For the knit along I selected to use Hygge Charm as our yarn. I love how soft the yarn is an incredibly warm.

Want to get ready for the Spring KAL? You can grab 3-4 balls of Hygge Charm. You will need 3 balls for the size medium or smaller and 4 balls for size large or larger.

Red Heart Hygge Charm

Purchase the Yarn:

Purchase Red Heart Hygge Charm
Purchase Red Heart Hygge Charm

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  1. Jean Jones says:

    Marly, you get me in more trouble. LOL Either I’m watching your videos, downloading your patterns or ordering something. This morning after seeing your review on the Hygge yarn, I decided it will be perfect for one of my Christmas gifts. Went right over to the Red Heart site and placed an order. Can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I also entered to be the winner of more Hygge yarn. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks so much for keeping my life interesting!

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