Yarn Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Being knitters and crocheters I am sure we all have quite a collection of leftover yarn. Today I wanted to show you a few ideas of what to make with those leftovers. Grab your kids, your yarn scraps and a few other materials and make some of these super cute Christmas ornaments for kids this year.

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Whether it be for my own tree or as gifts that my kids could give we have made Christmas ornaments many years in my house. This year I hope that you can take some of these super cute ideas and make them with your own children. They would be perfect as teacher gifts, family gifts or even package toppers.

Best of all, none of the ornament ideas require the knowledge of knitting or crochet. They are perfect ideas to get your kids playing with yarn without stressing them out learning to knit or crochet.

Yarn Ornaments for Kids:

Yarn Wrapped Star Ornaments

Yarn Wrapped Star Ornaments-

This first ornament can be found on the Kids Craft Room blog. It is a great project for younger kids to work on their fine motor skills. If you have older kids they can add more decorations to it, add paint or even glitter.

With few supplies needed this is an easy project to get started with. They do call for a cool glue gun and if you will be using a hot glue gun please be sure to help your younger kids.

Yarn Wrapped Star Ornament Supplies:

Yarn Wrapped Tree Ornaments

Yarn Wrapped Tree Ornaments-

Along the same lines as the first ornament this one uses scrap yarn as well wrapped around a shape. In this case you will be making your tree shape using cardboard. This project can be found on the Easy Peasy and Fun blog.

The embellishments for this ornament are limited to your imagination. Kids will love getting to pick out the colors and textures to add to their own tree.

One thing to keep in mind when making ornaments that use green yarn is to pick a color that will still show up. If you pick a green color that is dark it typically blends in to your tree. Trying picking a green that is lighter in color or bright.

Yarn Wrapped Tree Ornament Supplies:

Yarn Wrapped Reindeer CraftYarn Wrapped Reindeer Craft-

Yarn wrapping around an object is one of the easiest ways to get kids involved in the yarn world. This project again uses a cardboard base but creates a reindeer by using other household items.

Enjoy this project with some of the older kids you know allowing them to take the lead. Unlike the other two projects this one suggest using glue dots to decrease wait time for the glue to dry. You could use this same principle in the other projects as well.

This ornament can be found on the I Heart Crafty Things blog.

Yarn Wrapped Reindeer Craft Supplies:

Mini Winter Hat Ornament

Mini Winter Hat Ornament-

This super cute ornament can be found on the Left on Peninsula Road blog. It is a great way to recycle some of your toilet paper or paper towel rolls while getting a great ornament or package embellishment. Since the hats can be any color there is a lot of opportunity to use up your yarn scraps.

Included in the blog post is a great photo tutorial to show you all of the steps to get the perfect hat ornament.

Mini Winter Hat Ornament Supplies:

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone OrnamentsYarn Wrapped Pinecones-

Over on the What Can We Do With Paper and Glue blog you will find this super simple ornament idea of wrapping pinecones with yarn.

Although the supplies call for new balls of yarn you can use any color you like and use up your left overs. This project is great because you could use these inside on your tree or even outside to decorate trees as well. In the post you will see that they tell you to look for thicker yarn. This will ensure that you see the yarn from farther away which will be important if you are hanging them outside.

Taking this a step further you can get the scented pinecones to enhance the holiday scents you have in your house. I have found these types of pinecones at my local craft stores around the holiday.

Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Supplies:

Candy Cane Reindeer CraftCandy Cane Reindeer Craft-

Over on the My Mommy World blog you will find a cute and quick project to make with your kids using candy canes and yarn. These would be perfect to give to each kid in your child’s class and their teachers. They are simple and quick enough to make but are a step further than just plain candy canes, and they get your kids involved.

Candy Cane Reindeer Craft Supplies:

Mini Wreath OrnamentMini Wreath Ornament-

Decorate your packages with these Mini Wreath Ornaments from the Smile Like You Mean It blog. Not only will the be useful to decorate your packages but the recipient can keep them for their own tree for years to come.

Mini Wreath Ornament Supplies:

Pom Pom Ornament

Pom Pom Ornament-

The Crafty Sweeds blog has this great tutorial on how to make your own pom pom ornaments. We have all seen pom poms take off this year and why not add them to our tree. There are tutorial to make garland and other things with pom poms but this tutorial shows how to make ornaments that look like Christmas balls.

Pom Pom Ornament Supplies:

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