What is Marly Bird Doing These Days

What is Marly Bird Doing These Days became the theme when today’s guest was unavailable. Marly let me (Tammy) call in and just dip my toes in ‘Marly World’.

Marly and Tammy recently at Stitches Midwest (Marly's picture)
Marly and Tammy recently at Stitches Midwest (Marly’s picture)

I got to ask her, because people do wonder and sometimes they will ask me: What is Marly working on these days?

Marly has been super inspired by Outlander and the simple designs seen in the program. Working with the colorways from Bijou Basin Ranch and the natural textures of Green Mountains Spinnery have given her lots of creative ideas. I mentioned that her recently published Nottingham Sweater was created in Green Mountain Spinnery yarns and was a well received design. She also used their yarn for her men’s saddle-shoulder design Cobalt Cables

We got a little distracted in stories of ‘how to quit smoking’….

There was a big secret Marly has coming up, I won’t post here, but listeners have something to look forward to it…..

In the meantime, Marly has recently spent a lot of time filming segments for her YouTube video channel. We think that you will want to subscribe to the channel, even though there hasn’t been any videos posted yet. We find that subscribers are the first to know when videos are posted and that you will want to be the first to know when her videos are posted too. This is the link in YouTube for Marly’s Channel.

This is Tammy’s Marly Bird Bag (which promises to be the premier edition of more to come!) from Erin Lane bags. The project currently inside it is Marly’s pattern Wildberry Wrap, single crochet entrelac. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wildberry-wrap

We spoke about upcoming guests we are looking forward to: Marly mentioned Joji Knits who has a wonderful website. She will be calling in from Argentina on September 9th. Marly and I are tickled that Pepperberry Knits be on the show September 4th, because they are local to me, but Marly attempted to get to know them at TNNA and their booth was packed!  Marly would like to have The Plucky Knitter, Fresh from the CauldronI admired how busy the Verdant Gryphon booth was at Stitches Midwest, and we both loved Miss Babs and their booth was always popular also!

PennyWe LOVE Erin Lane Bags!  This is my bag I purchased (limited edition) at Stitches Midwest and we are also excited about Kristin Omdahl fabrics in the Erin Lane Bags.

Marly has had several patterns published and pieces in upcoming issues of Love of Crochet and Love of Knitting magazines, under the F + W house now. Prime Publishing is another group that Marly is looking forward to learning from.
We also shared Marly’s recent family addition, Penny.  Gotta love the Rescue Dogs!


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  1. jrouton says:

    What and AMAZING & INFORMATIVE episode!!! I love you both and enjoyed so much chatting with you at Stitches Midwest. Tammy I am really enjoying my PURPLE rolling tote!!!!

  2. Anita Dodds says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode. It was great to hear the two of you chat. it made me feel as if we are at the local coffee shop. I would be very interested in hearing from Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits. Her patterns are exquisite and I know raising an autistic child cannot be easy.

  3. Renee' says:

    Hey, Marly! Great show! I really think you should do that every so often and just have you and Tammy sharing news with us! It’s so great to learn more about you and the new things coming. In thinking about future topics for your YouTube channel, how about how to put zippers in your knitted or crocheted items? That just scares me to death! I had a hard enough time learning how to do that with sewing! I love your idea for your upcoming book about taking your beginner audience and helping us to advance along and teaching us how to advance in our skills and tackle more challenging techniques/patterns. Or, for your YouTube channel, how about showing us how to take some of your favorite textured stitches and how you can combine them to make a garment or shawl? Whatever you choose, I know I’ll need it and will be watching!!

  4. Annette says:

    The show today was fun. Marly, you are very talented in many areas of your field from designing and making to promotion and presence. Your story about Penny actually made my eyes mist a little. Keep up the great work and I am heading over to subscribe to your channel right now. 🙂

    • Annette says:

      Marly, here is an idea for your you tube channel…..joining specifically for crochet. Why I ask is there is a debate I have been a part of whether or not a knot is necessary in a join for crochet. I knit and crochet. I agree a knot is needed in most knitting, but a fellow crocheter says it is not needed in crochet. Also, a knot after a slip knot seems a bit much.
      Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

  5. yarning4asmile says:

    Hey marly I loved the show as always.. As for “Marly Takes over Youtube” topics I would love to see a video of different provisional cast on techniques because :O and also increases there are so many increases and when you are free handing how to determine which would be best to use

    • Kim says:

      Omg I forgot the most important thing I want to learn about cabling without a cable needle!!! How in the heck do you do that ?????????
      Oh and first thought was penny (knock knock) penny ( knock knock) penny (knock knock)

  6. hotknitter says:

    I loved the story about Penny. On You Tube I’d love you to give your “hidden little secrets” you use to make your knitting projects look professional, the little things that make a world of difference. Thanks.

  7. Liz says:

    I loved the Penny story too! I have two rescued kitties that are the love of my liife! Love your show and learn so much from you. I would love to hear from Robyn Chachula and Carol Sucolsky again! For YouTube – I’d love to see blocking instructions. Also, crocheting motifs together (or join as you go).

  8. Theresa Bartolotta says:

    I loved the episode. So fun to hear all of your updates. I am a new knitted, so on your youtube channel I would love to see you demonstrate techniques for doing a first garment. Like a sweater or a vest. Also – so excited to hear you are having Kim Guzman!! I love her Tunisian crochet classes. Can’t wait for your book next year!

  9. Carol T says:

    Very informative and fun show. Western Sky Knits would be fun to hear about on your podcast. I like their yarns and fiber selection.

  10. Cathy Dineen Clouston says:

    This was a really fun show to listen to!! I would love to hear you interview Staci Perry from Very Pink Knits.I really love her videos on youtube and I think it would be fun to listen to two of my favourite crafters! As for techniques for you to show on youtube, anything would be good for me since I’m still a pretty fresh crocheter. 🙂

  11. Eileen from Ohio says:

    I so enjoyed your podcast today. Someday I will get to listen live. I so can relate to your Penny story, I got my wonderful Misty in a similar fashion. So forlorn looking in the cage. I would love to see different foundation chains and how to remember them easily.

  12. Janeen says:

    Marly, aww sweet story about Penny and your daughter. I have a couple of people I would like to hear interviewed:

    1) Kay Hopkins of Kay Hopkins Designs, she’s a new designer from the Portland OR. area. Very helpful with her designs.

    2) The girl who designed the Hitofude Cardigan, Hiroko Fukatsu it has been in the top 20 for months. I would be interested in learning the design differences from Japan designers and others.

    On youtube: Please show: Buttonholes on cardigans: what’s your favorite I am Never pleased with mine,
    Thanks for the fantastic podcast.

  13. Linda C. (addi-girl on Ravelry) says:

    Loved this week’s episode! I think you and Tammy should do this every couple of months – it was great to hear what you were doing for a change. I am a beginner at crochet and I would love to see a YouTube episode that explained exactly where to start and end a row. I knwo that sounds simple but when I was practicing I found that the edges of my swatches were not coming out straight and I think it was because I was not always starting and ending in the proper spot.

  14. Deila Hiebert says:

    I loved this one! Give Penny a pat on the head and you a pat on the back for taking in a resue dog. Buster is my rescue dog and he has give back to me a thousand times over anything I could give him! I would love you to do a YouTube on incorporating crochet into knitting. I knit and try to incorporate some crotchet but a video on different ways would be great! Getting more knitters into the understanding that crotchet is not a bad word! LOL

  15. Shelly says:

    Hi Marley and Tammy today was such a fun giggle. Like being with 2 girl friends just shooting the breeze about topics we love. I would enjoy You-Tube videos on sock construction and designing methods. I would love to know HOW it looks/sounds when someone is designing a piece of crochet or knit.

    Keep up the good work and stay HAPPY,


  16. Audrey says:

    I’d love to learn to learn more about Crocheting lace motifs, and also crochet embellishments and edgings! Congrats to Penny for choosing so well!

  17. Janet says:

    The Penny story made me tear up! (I’m such a mush head) So happy she’s found a home.

    YouTube Ideas:
    – How about more advanced Tunisian? It seems to be becoming a “thing”, but I just see basic stitches out there.
    – And if you do Tunisian, then double ended crochet (also called croknit, I think) would be another natural extension. I know it’s next on my list of techniques to play with.

    As for interviews, how about LYS owners? Guess that’s tricky, since unless they have an on-line presence, they don’t necessarily have anything to promote to a global audience. But I’m sure they have fascinating stories!! Maybe you can entice them by picking ones in locations where you get a lot of downloads?

  18. Renee C. says:

    Marly, how about interviewing Christa Newhouse who does amazing double knitting and has knitting retreats in Bois Blanc Island, MI? Her work is amazing!! She has a very interesting background as well. As far as techniques in your YouTube channel, how about how to do beautiful finished edgings and also how to do plackets on jackets and such?

  19. Kate M says:

    Great show, I loved hearing what you are up to. I think you should do one of these at least once a quarter to keep us up to date! I would love to see intarsia crochet, finishing techniques (like putting pieces together) and how to block. I am alway demystified by blocking, like how far should you stretch it and am I really doing it correctly. Also how do you correct gauge if it happens to change through your project. I would love to hear about the ‘New American Knits’ book on a future show. I really love the Kollage yarns episode and Edie Eckman and would love to hear what they are up to now.

  20. Mary says:

    I would like to see how to make crocheted buttons for sweaters on your you tibe channel. I am thinking of the ones using a plastic ring as a base. I have seen these done before, but never could really follow. They would be a great thing to know when using odd colors of yarn or self striping types, where no buttons really match. Loved having your entralac class at Stitches Midwest too.

  21. Suzanne says:

    I would love to see you talk about crochet chart reading and maybe a segment about the best crochet tips you have. It might be something like “learning to crochet would have been so much easier if I had known…” Thanks for a fun podcast.

  22. Linda says:

    I really enjoyed the Marly & Tammy Show and learning about what Marly’s up to (all great stuff). Congrats on your new rescue dog, Penny–I loved her story, and she is one lucky Penny to have been adopted by your family. I would like to suggest as future podcast guests, Betty Hechtman (author of the fun Crochet Mystery series and Yarn Retreat series) and Michele Wilcox (amigurumi designer and teacher). Thanks for everything you’re doing, Marly!

  23. Kar says:

    I am knitting the Nottingham sweater. It is not looking right. When you are working on the cable rows 1-18….. You only do the cable once? (On row 9)?

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