What Are The Best Knit and Crochet Blanket Sizes for All Ages?

You can make a knit or crochet blanket in absolutely any size that you desire. Although we obviously make most blankets as either square or rectangular blankets, you can even change the shape if you’d like. That said, if you’re looking for the most common knit and crochet blanket sizes, then you’re in luck. We’ve created a chart to show you the top eleven blanket sizes from tiny knit loveys to crochet blankets for king-sized beds.

Top 11 Most Common Knit and Crochet Blanket Sizes

Here’s our handy chart for the top 11 most common knit and crochet blanket sizes, in both inches and centimeters:

knit and crochet blanket sizes for all ages

What Size Are Knit and Crochet Baby Blankets?

Four of these knit and crochet blanket sizes are designed specifically for babies. The smallest size is the lovey, which is ten inches square. The biggest baby blanket size is the receiving blanket, which is 40″ square. When you go to make a baby blanket, you’re most likely to find that last size in a pattern. Therefore, if you want to crochet a baby blanket of your own design, you might want to aim for a 40″ square blanket size.

Best Crochet Baby Blankets for Gifting

Some of my crochet blanket designs that are approximately 40″ square, perfect for making baby blanket gifts, include:

What Size are Knit and Crochet Blankets for Kids?

The 40″ square blanket works for young kids as well. However, you might want to make a slightly larger blanket for toddlers and children. The most common knit and crochet blanket sizes for toddlers are 42″ x 52″ for a basic blanket and 45″ x 60″ if you’re looking for a crib blanket. As you can see, both are rectangular, but the crib blanket is longer.

A throw is a good sized blanket for children as well, and it can double as a lapghan for teens and adults. The best knit and crochet blanket sizes for throws is 52″ x 60″. This is a rectangular blanket.

If you’re looking to make a square blanket for a child then a really good size is 54″ square, which is what I used when designing my Byars Baby Blanket.

Common Blanket Sizes for Beds

Do you want to knit or crochet a blanket for each bed in your home? These are the four most common bed blanket sizes:

  • 66″ x 90″ for twin bed blankets
  • 90″ x 108″ for full size bed blankets
  • 96″ x 108″ for queen size blankets
  • 108″ square for king size blankets

As you can see, most beds, other than twin beds, are 108″ long. That’s a great thing to keep in mind when planning out a handmade blanket.

Although not listed on our chart, some people do have California King beds. These beds are shorter, but longer, but not quite as wide as, king sized beds. If you want to make a blanket for these beds, you should plan on 104″ x 108″. Of course, a regular king sized blanket will also fit on these beds, just hanging off more on two sides than usual.

You Can Make your Own Knit and Crochet Blanket Sizes

Do remember that these are just guidelines. You don’t have to follow them if a design that you’re playing with looks better in a slightly different sizes.

For example, when I created my Inishmore Crochet Cable Blanket Pattern, I designed it for two sizes. The throw blanket sticks to the recommended dimensions: 52″ x 60″. However, for the baby blanket, I went with 32″ x 34″. That’s a couple inches longer one side and shorter on the other than the usual knit and crochet baby blanket sizes but it works really well for the design and its edging. So, don’t be afraid to adapt, using these guidelines as a starting point for making a blanket the right size.

Similarly, my Confetti Dots Blanket, is designed at approximately 40″ square for babies, which is the usual size for a receiving blanket. However, the two larger sizes are a bit different from these norms: 40.” x 78.5″ for a throw and 49.5″ x 67.9″ for a regular blanket. Sometimes your motif sizes change the best size for the larger blanket.

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