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As a crochet enthusiast, you know that choosing the right yarn is crucial for ensuring a successful project. If you’re looking for a versatile yarn that’s both soft and durable, WeCrochet Hawthorne Yarn (we think it’s a dream in a hank) might just be the perfect choice for you.

This yarn has quickly become a favorite among crochet lovers and for good reason. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors, each with a unique depth and richness that can enhance any crochet project. This yarn review tells more about Hawthorne Yarn. Learn why you should add it to your crafting supplies!

About Hawthorne Yarn

WeCrochet Hawthorne Yarn is a high-quality yarn that has taken the craft world by storm. It’s a perfect choice for both knitting and crochet projects, thanks to its soft texture, high twist, and beautiful color palette. KnitPicks named this yarn line after the Alberta Arts District in Portland, OR, where the warehouse is located. What a great idea to name this fabulous yarn after such a gorgeous spot.

Hawthorne Yarn is made up of a blend of fine highland wool and nylon, which makes it very durable and can withstand frequent use. It’s fingering weight or sock yarn, and it comes in 100g skeins with 357 yards of yarny goodness in each hank.

Hawthorne Dyeing

WeCrochet chose to dye Hawthorne Yarn using a variety of techniques, including hand paints, variegated, speckling, and semi-solid colors. The dye methods used to create their gorgeous color blends ensure that each skein is unique though they go together perfectly.

Here are a few types of dyeing techniques you’ll enjoy with this gorgeous yarn:

  • Speckle – the specks, dots, or sprinkles of color stand out on a solid background, looking like teensy paint splashes, taking up only a stitch or less at a time.
  • Multi (or variegated) – here, you’ll find two or three complementary shades dyed in short color changes. You’ll work only a few stitches in each color, then move to the next.
  • Kettle – multiple colors dyed together, forming a subtle blend.
  • Tonal – shades of the same color work together for a semi-solid subtle shading, adding depth to your crochet pieces.

The various dye styles and dye methods bring a unique look to the yarn and your projects, especially when you choose a yarn that features speckles or jewel tones. On this Enchanted Crochet Motif Shawl pattern page you can find out more about short (variegated) and long color changes.

Beautiful Colorways

Hawthorne is available in a wide range of colorways, including rich tones, deep blues, and earthy shades, providing endless options for any crochet (or knit) project.

Darker shades: top row: dark greens, bottom row mid-brown, multi heather shades, dusty pink, to fuchsia pink. Marly Bird

Neighborhoods and landmarks in Portland, Oregon inspired these gorgeous colors. Some popular colorways of WeCrochet Hawthorne Yarn include aquamarine, deep blue, midwinter, goldenrod, and powder blue.

Other popular colorways in the Hawthorne line include Sweet Home, Mountain River, Delphinium, Turkish Delight, and Midwinter. Each colorway is unique and produces different variegation and speckling effects depending on the dye methods and styles used. Hawthorne Speckle shades seem particularly popular.

You can expect quite different results from the same design by choosing differently dyed colorways.

Characteristics of WeCrochet Hawthorne Yarn

Hawthorne Yarn is a favorite amongst crocheters and knitters alike. As sock yarn, this yarn weight is perfect for knitting socks and other lightweight garments.

Hawthorne is ideal for delicate pullovers, cowls, and even ponchos. It’s light enough to make everything from accessories to garments and is great for making layering pieces. There’s bound to be a colorway you love.

We Love The Fiber

What makes Hawthorne Yarn so good for both crocheters and knitters is its gorgeous fiber content. It’s a blend of wool and polyamide, so it is both durable and long-lasting. This makes it perfect for those who crochet or knit.

You can use this versatile fingering-weight yarn for a large variety of different projects, from delicate shawls to lightweight pullovers and socks to kerchiefs.

A Quality Yarn

Customers rave about the quality, saying it has excellent stitch definition (I totally agree) and the colors are true to the swatches shared in the product’s listing. Hawthorne is a fantastic value for its price range, making it an affordable choice for all crafters.

Seriously – there’s such a HUGE selection of colors there’s bound to be one (or six) that you just can’t live without!

Want to buy WeCrochet Hawthorne Yarn now, or read on for more info?

About Fine Superwash Highland Wool

Highland wool is strong, warm, and has excellent insulating properties, as well as the ability to absorb moisture.

Did you know wool can keep you warm even if it gets wet? True!

What’s So Great About This Blend?

This blend of Fine Superwash Highland Wool and nylon offers superior durability and strength, making it an excellent choice for socks or other projects that require yarn that can withstand frequent wear and tear.

Blending wool with nylon means that the yarn is strong and tough but still retains the warmth and softness of natural animal fibers, just like merino or alpaca. It offers an excellent drape due to its light weight and stretch since wool has a memory and will return to its shape (as long as you don’t felt it). This makes it suitable for all kinds of stitch patterns.

The nylon also adds a subtle shimmer to the yarn, giving it an extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

Why Superwash?

Superwash properties allow you to easily machine wash your finished pieces without any risk of felting or shrinking. Whether using a crochet hook or a set of knitting needles, the Fine Superwash Highland Wool of this yarn, combined with the nylon, makes it a truly delightful material for crafting your project of choice.

Marly Bird Patterns in Hawthorne Yarn?

You know, I’ve been partnering with WeCrochet (and KnitPicks) for quite some time now, and we’ve produced some amazing patterns together. These most recent patterns are specifically designed to work perfectly with Hawthorne fingering, speckle, and the yarn line in general.

We’re revamping the designs from Tournament of Stitches, so you’ll see those appearing soon.

Also, did you hear that WeCrochet has hinted there are more Marly Bird crochet patterns coming soon? They haven’t revealed exactly what those patterns will be.

Can I tell you what’s coming?

WeCrochet Hawthorne yarn - collage of 4 yarn images on white background. Top left: shades of greens, top right: shades of reds, bottom left: all colors - reds, yellows, greens, blues, bottom right: dark greens and dark pinks. Marly Bird.

All I’m saying is…you’ll find out very soon…

Okay, okay…there’s a shawl, a vest, and a cropped sweater, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for more info.

Get wrapped up in this fun and vibrant project! Our free, easy-to-follow crochet shawl pattern is perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike. Create your own summer layering wrap with the help of Marly Bird - ad-free pdf also available for purchase and includes stitch diagrams

Anyway, for most patterns requiring fingering or sock yarn, Hawthorne is a perfect choice!

You can stay up-to-date on the latest pattern releases by signing up with your email address on WeCrochet’s website. But if you sign up for my Marly Bird newsletter right here on my website too, you’ll be the FIRST to find out!

Other Patterns in WeCrochet Hawthorne Yarn

You’ll find lots of patterns you can work using Hawthorne yarn. Here are a few we really like!

Brianna K Designs

Hawthorne Tonal Shawl

Key Largo Summer Top

Men’s Crochet Tie

Michelle Ferguson

Leilani Raglan Tee

Cherry Blossom Shawl

Brynn Kerchief by Deni Sharpe

Skyward Kerchief by Toni Lipsey

If you want to dive in and crochet any of these fabulous designs in Hawthorne yarn, it’s available through both the Knit Picks and WeCrochet websites.

And if you’d like another yarn line we recommend, try Galileo. It’s fantastic!

DON’T FORGET…THREE brand new Marly Bird designs are coming real soon in Hawthorne fingering yarn.

Keep an eye out! You don’t want to miss them! Get your crochet tools ready!

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