Galileo Yarn: Bamboo-Wool Sport weight

Galileo Yarn is a beautiful lightweight yarn made from 50% soft merino wool and 50% bamboo. This means it’s so luxurious for knit and crochet. You’ll want to hand wash and flat dry anything you make with this yarn. It’s well worth it, though, because the drape you get allows you to create the most magnificent garments.

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Why Is It Named Galileo Yarn?

Galileo di Vincenzo Bonaiuti de’ Galilei was a 16th-century astronomer and physicist known best for realizing that the Earth orbits the sun. He has many other credits to his name, but essentially, when we think of him, we think of the sky. And that’s where Galileo Yarn gets its name. The 19 colors in this yarn line are all inspired in some way by the night sky. The sheen from the bamboo fiber might even make you think of the stars.

Galileo Yarn Colors

This yarn comes in 19 luscious colors, including many that are also named after features of the sky. For example, some blue hues are Aquarius, Lunar, and Skydust. Lunar is midnight blue blended with other shades and a silvery finish. This is a complex, nuanced yarn.

Additionally, you have the alternative option of purchasing Bare Galileo. That means you get this yarn in a natural, undyed, unbleached state, so you can dye it whatever color you desire.

What Is a Wool-Bamboo Blend?

There are so many different yarns to choose from, it can be tough to know what makes one better than another. The more you work with different options, the more you understand their unique properties. As such, you can learn which fibers are best for the techniques you want to work with and the effects you want to achieve.

Galileo Yarn is a wool-bamboo blend, meaning it has the best properties of both fibers. It’s a 50-50 blend, so neither one stands out more than the other. It’s a merino wool blend, a common, soft wool that’s a favorite with many crocheters and knitters. You might turn to merino wool when you want something soft on your hooks or needles.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is silkier. It’s also very strong. It’s also soft, but whereas the merino wool is fluffy, this is more of a silky softness. Combined, this wool-bamboo blend is soft, lustrous, and strong, with terrific elasticity and great drape.

Best Projects for Galileo Yarn

It’s particularly perfect for:

  • Heirloom quality baby products. Since it’s a handwash item, you probably don’t want to make everyday baby stuff with this. However, you can use it to make a soft, special item such as a christening gown.
  • Lightweight soft shawls such as knit and crochet prayer shawls, especially for people with sensitive skin.
  • Projects where you want to showcase stitch detail and texture, such as when working with cables

What Is Sportweight Yarn?

This is a sport weight yarn. It is also called baby weight yarn, as well as fine yarn. It’s a #2 on the 0-7 yarn weight scale. You’ll typically want to use size #3-5 knitting needles (3.25 mm-3.75 mm) or size E-7 crochet hooks when working with sportweight yarn, including this yarn. Of course, check your patterns and play with larger or smaller size hooks to get the required gauge as needed for your projects.

Buy Galileo Yarn Now

wool bamboo blend yarn

You can buy this yarn at WeCrochet or KnitPicks.

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