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Red Heart Soft Essentials 8 Wearable Patterns Roundup by Marly BirdRed Heart Soft Essentials PatternsAbout Red Heart Soft Essentials:

Red Heart Soft Essentials is a new bulky (#5) weight yarn that is sold exclusively online and in Michael’s Craft Store. Soft Essentials is just like the Red Heart Soft yarn that you already love but now in a Bulky weight. In this post you will find a collection of eight wearable Soft Essential patterns. Be sure to show these designers some love on Ravelry by adding their patterns to your favorites list.

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Red Heart Soft EssentialsSoft Essentials is available in 15 solid colors and 6 stripe colors. The team at Red Heart did a great job of coordinating the colors so you can really mix any of them together to make a great project.

To learn more about Red Heart Soft Essentials you can visit some of the following stories:

Soft Essentials Patterns:

In the roundup today I am going to be sharing patterns that you can wear. There is only one knit pattern in this group so we will start with that one.

Knitted Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns:

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Knitted Beginner CowlThe knit pattern in the group is a cowl pattern that is designed by Naztazia, the Knitted Essential Beginner Cowl. Her cowl is a great beginner project and can be made in either solids or stripes. Naztazia’s pattern comes with a PDF download and a YouTube tutorial for you to follow along with.

Crochet Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns:

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Simple Double Crochet Bulky HatIn the Soft Essentials Pattern roundup I have three hat patterns for you. Two of the patterns are designed by Oombawka Designs. Both of her hat patterns are great for beginners. These hat patterns will show you the concept of increasing in the round.

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Basic Bulky BeanieThe first hat, from Oombawka Designs, is the Simple Double Crochet Bulky Hat. Rhondda, the designer behind Oombawka Designs, made this pattern with sizes from preemie to adult large. With so many options you will find the size you need. She offers the same size range in her second hat, the Basic Bulky Beanie.

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Mentor Pom Pom Chunky Beanie HatOur third hat pattern is the Mentor Pom Pom Chunky Beanie Hat, designed by Posh Pooch Designs. This design has a lace feel to it with an open stitch pattern. Made in bulky yarn, the hat still provides a lot of warmth even with the spaces. Topped with a pom pom this hat can make the perfect gift for children and adults.

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Easy on MittensOombawka makes another appearance on our Soft Essentials Pattern roundup with her Easy-on-Mittens. Again she offers you multiple sizes including children and a range of adult sizes.

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Lake House WrapFiber Flux has a beautiful wrap pattern called the Lake House Wrap. For this pattern you will use three different colors of Red Heart Soft Essentials. Using the three colors gives this wonderful striped look to the wrap. You will find a YouTube tutorial to explain the pattern for you in the pattern’s blog post.

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Children's Spring Crochet Leg WarmersDesigner Stitch 11 has a cute leg warmer pattern for kids. The Children’s Spring Crochet Leg Warmers would be a perfect little something to give a special child in your life as we make our way through spring. In the mornings, when it is still cool, this would be great to put over a pair of leggings or stockings.

Red Heart Soft Essentials Patterns- Danielle SweaterTo wrap up our Soft Essentials roundup I want to feature the Danielle Sweater designed by Sincerely Pam. This oversized sweater is fashion forward and a great layering piece that would work in many seasons. Recently Sincerely Pam had a CAL for this pattern in her Facebook group. She offered ways of altering the pattern to make the right fit for you.

Upcoming Soft Essentials Events:

I wanted to take a moment to remind you that I, along with Red Heart, will be hosting a Knit Along this May using Red Heart Soft Essentials. We will be working on the Textured Triangle Shawl, designed by Diane Moyer. You can get all of the details in the blog post I wrote about the event. Updates about the KAL can also be found in the FREE Facebook KAL group.


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