Warm Days Cool Knits author, Corrina Ferguson

Warm Days Cool Knits author Corrina Ferguson is today’s guest corrinaferguson profile picon the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird.

Corrina learned to knit about ten years ago, after a move to Florida and she says, once she learned she ‘wanted to learn all the things’. She also began teaching at her Local Yarn Store, realized that she needed to teach her own designs than those of others. Ravelry became big at about that time, and a couple of her designs were popular there. Designing then became a full-time career, as she was trying to support her boys, now in high school.

Her first design never was published there on Ravelry, is a toe-up sock. The next was a cable hat, the Snappy Hat, a Free Pattern that has over 5,00o projects linked to it. She followed the trends in Ravelry, became inspired by the cravings for shawls (see her Gaenor shawl pattern), the use of hand-dyed yarns and feels that her career was made by the sales of her patterns there.

Picnic Knits came from her thought that most of knitting designs are advanced beginner patterns, she believes ‘easy as a picnic’. Her friendship with Heather Zoppetti, began before founding Stitch Sprouts, but Corrina felt that she was not ready for that level of distribution at the beginning. However, Heather’s guidance was instrumental along the way and has been the map Corrina needed, even including her route to her new book. (Here is a link, for those interested and may have missed it, to hear Heather’s visit with Marly last year.)

Warm Days, Cool Knits - jacket art

Warm Days, Cool Knits: Light Knits for Every Season is a collection of garments and accessories that can be worn in warmer climates or in the summer season, is published through Interweave. The book includes the Lochlan Cardigan (a zippered hoodie) which was included in the Knitting Daily TV show, that Marly remembers seeing on the show. It’s a special favorite for Corrina, as with the yarn and the fabric created by the knit/purl chevron design creates a stretchy fabric, it was beloved by the show hosts for the way the chevrons meet up at the shoulder. The Mayella and Fayola shawl patterns are a wrap-you-up style of generous sizes.

You can follow Corrina Ferguson through her website,  in Ravelry, her designer page is HERE and she has a group there.

During this visit, Marly let Corrina know that there was a door prize from the Marly Bird Designer Dinner at TNNA, this Ottlite, great tool to help the handcrafter get a LITTLE more of their work done.

If you missed getting to hear this live, you can still catch as an archive  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/yarnthing/2015/06/09/warm-days-cool-knits-author-corrina-ferguson or in iTunes.



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  1. Kathy says:

    I would love to knit some of Carrina’s patterns for the coming muggy hot summer weather. The sweaters would also be perfect for a winter escape trip to the beach when the snow is a foot deep.

  2. Vivian Isbell says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast with Corrina. I especially like to make things that I can wear in warm weather and to the beach. Living in Texas the weather can change in minutes, so I always carry a shawl with me. I look forward to making some of Corrina’s designs. Thanks.

  3. kathy b. says:

    Sitting under an umbrella knitting on the beach sounds blissful! A great plan, Carrina. Thanks, Marly, for another great interview and podcast.

  4. Linda says:

    I love Corrina’s new book. The projects would make great beach knitting, if I could ever get there.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  5. Laura Griesmet says:

    I just learned that I’m moving to the beach and look forward to knitting one of Corrina’s patterns at the beach to replace my winter clothes. Thanks for introducing me to her.

  6. Wendy says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! I think I would knit just about everything in it, it is a beautiful collection. Perfect for beach knitting–if I lived near a beach! I will have to “settle” for mountain knitting for the time being since I live in Colorado!

    Wendy (Wendeluu on Ravelry)

  7. SallyFromIdaho on rav says:

    Great show.
    I to love the beach, and these patterns would be great.
    The beach brings back many memories.

  8. Elise T says:

    I enjoyed this interview very much! I felt like I was eavesdropping on a great conversation between two friends. Corinna has such a warm, relaxed manner. Her patterns are wonderful. I can imagine knitting her designs at the beach! Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Penny Bowen says:

    Knitting at the beach sounds wonderful, but live in mountains think the knits would be great here too.

  10. Norma says:

    The patterns appear to be cool and light like sitting on a beach in the early evening feeling the breeze blow. I especially like the beachy waves looking hat!

  11. Renee' C., says:

    So very happy to find light, beautiful wraps for the summer! Perfect for Texas weather and even the beach! Loved the show! Thank you for introducing me to another designer I wasn’t familiar with yet, Marly!!

  12. hepkara says:

    There is a very real prospect that I’m moving quite near a string of beautiful beaches later this year. This has left my knitting a bit confusing. Should I start that next cardigan? Knit a lace shawl? Certainly don’t start that scarf! Looking over Corrina’s patterns has given me some new ideas for what I might knit.

  13. Kim Wilkinson says:

    We Vacation in Florida and I would love to have some cool tops to wear on the beach. I hope I get to check this book out.

  14. Theresa says:

    I loved listening to Corina. I live in Louisiana so I’m always looking for warm weather patterns. I’m from SC so I miss the beach (Louisiana doesn’t have any). The books looks awesome.

  15. April Garwood says:

    I don’t live on the beach, or anywhere near the beach, but I’d still love to have Corrina’s book because we have very warm summer days here in Oklahoma. I love having interesting knitting patterns to work from since this is how I learn new skills.

  16. Kate M says:

    OMG I have been drooling over this book since I saw it in my latest issue of Interweave knits. It would be amazing to win this book. I really can’t wait to get started on the Denford Cardigan. I would love to be sitting on the beach, my favorite place, with this amazing book and projects to work on. Thanks for this episode!!!

  17. Beth W. says:

    This book is exactly what we need down here where we live by the beach. I’m excited to see all the warm weather patterns.

  18. Susan Crosby says:

    I can’t really knit on a beach here in landlocked Colorado but I do knit on river banks when we take the canoe on long trips.

  19. Jeannine Fields says:

    I am enjoying this podcast with Corrina! Would live to win a copy of “Warm Days, Cool Knits”! I promise to travel to Florida, bring the book, visit my sister and knit on the beach:-)

  20. Charissa says:

    So enjoyed listening to Corrina’s journey. I’ve been a fan for a few years, so it was great to hear her voice. I hope her plans for moving closer to the beach work out. And that she continues to design beautiful things for me to knit!

  21. Karen Rathburn says:

    I’ve met many knitters while knitting at the beach and look forward to knitting one of your patterns from your new book.

  22. Anita says:

    I can’t imagine knitting on a beach. It sounds like so much fun. Really enjoy knitting summer tops so can’t wait to peruse this book.

  23. Emily Horacek says:

    I’d love to knit more projects for warm weather, even if I don’t live near a beach here in Nebraska.

  24. Lisa Sauer says:

    I just got back from the beach in Mexico…sadly, I still can’t bring myself to knit out there. Just back at the hotel! (Though once I saw someone crocheting in the shade and it looked blissful.)

  25. Lori Biamonte says:

    Knitting on the beach while reading or listening to a good book sounds like heaven! Once again, enjoyed the podcast.

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