Want to try loom knitting? We review the Leisure Arts Oval Loom.

Each week join us to review interesting products, books, yarns or accessories in the yarn industry in our Weekly Wednesday Review. This week we will be taking a look at the Leisure Arts Oval Loom. Have you tried loom knitting yet? This might be the product for you if you have been thinking about trying the technique.

Weekly Wednesday Review-Leisure Arts Oval Loom

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Weekly Wednesday Review Loom Knitting Oval Loom

We know that it can be hard to believe in a product that you can’t touch or try in your local store. Leisure Arts sent us a sample of their new Oval Loom to test and see how we felt about it. Katelyn took on the task of testing the loom and letting us know what she thought. We hope that this gives you confidence in making your next purchase.

Message from Katelyn:

Thanks for joining us this week for the Leisure Arts Oval Loom review. I want to start off by saying that I have never attempted a loom knit project before this review, total newbie going into this. There was a learning curve as my hands learned how to work the stitches but by the end I was moving along at a steady pace.

Just like with any new skill give yourself some time to learn what works best for you when it comes to getting into a rhyme of working the stitches. Leisure Arts states that a loom lessens the need for repetitive movements making it a great alternative for someone with arthritis, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, or any other condition that might result in hand or wrist pain.

Leisure Arts Oval LoomFirst Impressions of the Oval Loom:

When I got the package in the mail and opened it up I was in LOVE with the color of the loom. No, not everyone loves teal but it is SO my color. I have a watch, water bottle, bracelet and more that are all the same color. They had me ready to work by the color alone! NOTE: the loom only comes in one color.

Inside the package you will find the two oval looms (54 and 70 pegs), the loom tool and an instruction/pattern book. Leisure Arts made sure that we could all easily figure out how to work the stitches by giving us videos tutorials on their website for how to complete the stitches. This was super helpful as a beginner.

Pros of the Oval Loom:

Taking the loom out of the package it felt sturdy and like something that wasn’t going to fall apart as I worked with it. I appreciated the fact that the pegs were stationary. There are looms out on the market that are tempting because you can change the configuration of them and have multiple looms. I worry that the pegs will fall out and I will loose my work.

The fact that Leisure Arts included a pattern book and video tutorials is great. It set me up for success before I even started.

Compared to a straight loom there is much more room in the middle for your project as it grows. You don’t have to worry about manipulating the project as you work the pattern.

Cons of the Oval Loom:

Although I stated that I liked the fact that the pegs can’t be removed I didn’t like that there wasn’t a starting peg. All of the pegs in the loom at the same color. This required me to use a stitch marker to mark my first stich so I knew when I was back to the beginning.

Because the pegs are stationary you can only have one configuration of the loom. You can work in the round on either loom or straight for a section of the loom.

The loom is not great for a lot of travel. Since there is nothing to hold the loops on the pegs if you are doing a lot of traveling where you project is in and out of your bag it will be more difficult. Leisure Arts has suggested putting a rubber band or large hair elastic around the loom for traveling. I am not sure if that will work as I only made one trip with my project.

Loom Knitting Testimonial from Good Knit Kisses:

Personally I don’t have any health issues that prevent me from knitting with regular needles. When it comes down to it I am much faster with regular needles and won’t be giving them up any time soon. I was able to chat with Kristen from Good Knit Kisses, a loom knitting expert, and she shared a few stories of people she knows that have switched to the loom.

Kristen has shared with me that she has heard stories from many people who have been able to get back in to the craft by using loom knitting. People with issues ranging from carpal tunnel, tendinitis, missing fingers or arms and even quadriplegics. She also shared that stroke victims have used loom knitting to gain their strength.

Be sure to head to Kristen’s blog to try out some of her patterns and video tutorials.

Where to Purchase the Leisure Arts Oval Loom:

To get your own loom you can purchase from the Leisure Arts website or from Amazon.

Leisure Arts Oval LoomLoom Knitting Patterns to Use with Oval Loom:

Leisure Arts has a selection of books made just for loom knitting. Try one of these pattern books with your new Oval Loom for new possibilities.

Oval Loom Knit Collection

Loom Knit Toys

Loom Knit Samplers

Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary

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  1. Aida Hartmann says:

    I have not tried Loom Knotting yet. For me, my first go-to has always been my needles or hooks. However, I am always looking to expand my knowledge base of different handcrafts. Tried arm knitting…meh. Also, tried and quickly realized I’m not a huge fan of working with the newer super big (#6 and larger) roving type yarns or, for that matter, the monster size needles used to work the yarn. Based on the review, I suppose the knitting loom may one day become my first go-to. Lately, I find I need to stop and rest a bit when working on a project after a couple of hours. (I’m also a member of an English Handbell Choir at church. Ringing the bells puts some wear and tear on the wrists as well.)

  2. Chris Lopez says:

    Several years ago I was working at the JC Penney Catalog call center part time in addition to my full time job. Since we used headsets I could secret a round loom in my lap and make hats while I was working. Made dozens of hats for a church homeless ministry. I also sold quite a few to co-workers who wanted them in their team colors for high school football games.

  3. Tammy says:

    I love loom knitting. But I do not have all or that many looms. I would love to get this set and see how fun these are to use.:)

  4. Virginia Bronner says:

    I have never used a look before. It reminds me of my childhood, when I had a round wooden object with four nails and a hole in the middle. I am sure there is an official name for this, but I think you know what I am talking about. You wrap the yarn around each nail twice to begin and pull one loop over the other as you go around. You wind up with this long knitted looking tube and as a kid you really did not know what to do with it. Fond memories of early crafting. Thanks for this giveaway.

  5. Melissa Laird says:

    Yes I most definitely have used looms I love them I’ve made this tons of things stuffed animals, blankets, baby coccons, hats, headbands, scarves, cowls, fingerless glove, hooded cowls to name a few

  6. Heather says:

    I have a couple of small rectangular looms which I have tried. But those look pretty awesome and I love the colors too ❤️

  7. Linda says:

    I so enjoy loom knitting. I have looked at these looms for a while now, but, I didn’t have the money to purchase them. I have them on my wish list, but, in the meantime, I will continue to use the looms I do that. Thank you…

  8. MaryAnn says:

    I’ve been loom knitting for over 7 years. Sticks just didn’t work for me but looms have allowed me to have a fulfilling hobby I love. I don’t have the oval set yet & would love to try them out!

  9. Christy Faucheux says:

    Hi!!! I just discovered Good Knit Kisses. Her tutorials are the best! I am currently trying to teach myself to knit, and I would LOVE to learn look knitting as well. I homeschool my two boys, and we get together with some friends to do homeschool classes. I would teach the kids to loom knit as well! We’re learning to cross stitch now. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Mia says:

    I started loom knitting a year ago and love it! I consider myself a beginner still and would love to try this Oval loom.

  11. Tambi says:

    The only thing I do is loom knit..I make things for my 10 grandsons and daughter’s and other family members..I absolutely LOVE loom knitting

  12. Kelly Cloutier says:

    I love loom knitting. Has given me the chance to knit again after hand issues prevented me from holding needles.

  13. Kathleen Bodary says:

    Loom knitting has brought the joy of creating back into my life. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Arthritis have taken so much away, but loom knitting has bought back back of me. Love to see what creations I can make with these new looms:-)

  14. Sheryl Hulse says:

    I have many looms and I love each one. I haven’t mastered the art of needle knitting, so I’m very interested in each new loom that comes on the market. Thank you for taking the time to show us this new loom!

  15. Hope says:

    I have loom knitted before. It’s how I first got started. Learned looming by watching YouTube videos before branching out to crochet videos.

  16. Kendra says:

    I love loom knitting! Knitting on a loom keeps me attentive to my projects. I’ve been wanting to get an oval as I have all the others- I think I will after I finish my next project!

  17. cathy niday says:

    i love looming…been thinking maybe i could make sock and people have said the oval is best..would love to try it

  18. Kayla Welch says:

    I used to loom knit as a child but grew out of it. Now I crochet. My mom wanted something to do while I crochet so for Christmas I got her a loom. She is slowly getting the hang of it.

  19. RockyMtGal says:

    I did a review of this loom on my YT channel. I have been looming for years. I don’t like these looms at all. The pegs are waaaaay too short and there is no anchor peg. There are only certain yarns that you can use b/c the yarn easily slips off the short pegs. I will stay with my CDW and KB looms. JMHO

  20. Rachel Albring says:

    I have tried loom knitting before & liked it. I’ve only ever made hats & scarves with one, though. I would love the opportunity to try to make something different!

  21. caroline hill says:

    I have been loom knitting for years .If you have not given it a try .Please do so . It helps my hands better than knitting needles. The possibilities are endless and also there are some great teachers out there.

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