Vogue Knitting’s Editor Trisha Malcolm

Vogue Knitting’s Editor Trisha Malcolm

Vogue Knitting’s Editor Trisha Malcolm visited the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird. As one of the most well-known knitting periodicals, spending this kind of time with her can be precious.

Here are some trivia facts:

  • Vogue Knitting is not affiliated with Vogue magazine. The articles in Vogue Knitting are better anyway!
  • The magazine was started in 1932 and was relaunched in 1982, according to Wikipedia, currently celebrating 85 years since beginning and 35 since relaunching.
  • Published by SoHo Publishing and distributed by Sterling Publishing Co. We’ve featured several of those companies books like the 60 Quick series and Nicky Epstein’s.
  • Celebrating the milestones of Vogue Knitting, Kaffe Fassett was honored at this past January at VKLive New York with a Lifetime Achievement recognition.
  • Cascade Yarns’ Knitterati afghan is also honoring the milestones of Vogue Knitting and their own 30th anniversary. Other yarn companies celebrating anniversaries include Maggieknits (40 years), Lopi and Koigu (both 25 years)
  • Vogue Knitting Live was launched in 2011, and has visited various cities such as New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Pasadena, and Seattle. Also, just for fun Vogue Knitting Live DESTINATIONS are smaller more intimate, the next is Camden, Maine with Mary Jane Mucklestone (April 27-30). Just a week later is another at Imperial Stock Ranch, in Maupin, Oregon with Lorilee Beltman (May 5-8).

Many of these things have been mentioned in past episodes of the Yarn Thing podcast, it’s so nice to bring them full circle. Trisha shared with Marly the first VKLive in 2010, then came back to share more with us in 2011 and in 2012 to share the 30th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting.

If you missed getting to watch this live, the video is still available on Marly’s Facebook page.


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  1. Katie says:

    I would so love to go to Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle! I have not been before and November would be perfect for me- great episode Marly – thanks! katie


    Wonderful listening today to the podcast today, and learning that Vogue Knitting is coming to Seattle! My very own backyard! I can’t wait til November ♡ I hope to be around when the yarn drops

  3. Jody Jinneman says:

    I would love to attend the vogue knitting live event in Seattle as this would be local for me. This would be my first knitting seminar in many years to attend.

  4. Heather farley says:

    I’ve never been to a Vogue Knitting event, but I did find an old back issue of VK at a thrift store and bought it up immediately!

  5. Trisha says:

    Someday I hope to make it to a Vogue Knitting Live show. Should prove to be very fun and educational. Nice interview.

  6. Alicia A says:

    I am stalking the website waiting to see the list of classes for vogue knitting live Seattle! I was not a knitter the last time it was there and have been waiting for it to come back.

  7. Amberly says:

    I would love to attend a Vogue Knitting Live event! I love the Vogue Knitting magazine, too, and I wish they would bring back their crochet issue!

  8. Colleen McAvoy says:

    I have been trying to go to Vogue Knitting Live in NYC I LOVE Vogue Knitting Magazine,,, I would actually love to attend any Vogue Knitting Live event – regardless of location!!

  9. Ramona says:

    I was so surprised to find out that Vogue Knitting had nothing to do with Vogue magazine! Seattle is on my bucket list and I’ve always wanted to attend a Vogue Knitting Live event!

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