Video Tutorial-How to Finish Intarsia Perfectly

When working an intarsia knit project you may find that managing your yarn and finishing your project seem a little overwhelming. I have put together a group of video tutorials to show you some tips and tricks along the way with the very talented intarsia designer, and my friend, Anne Berk. This video tutorial will show you how to finish intarsia perfectly. Following along with these videos and you will be ready to tackle you first project, or make your next project a little more polished.

Video Tutorial: Learn how to finish intarsia perfectly

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Finishing Intarsia Perfectly

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from knitters, and crocheters, is that they don’t like having to weave in ends at the end of their project. It is important to all of us that our project looks finished well and that the ends don’t come out with use and washing. Intarsia is a project that will have many ends when you finish your project, that is the nature of intarsia.

Some people swear that they can knit or crochet over their ends and that is sufficient. Let me tell you, that is NOT the case. If you just work over your ends you will be so sad the first time you wash your project and your ends start to pop out. Just crocheting or knitting over your ends does not give them enough of an anchor and allows them to fall out with agitation.

While working with yarn Anne realized that yarn is made up of a lot of air. She wondered if she could put the yarn inside of yarn to help secure the ends. Watch the video to see what special tool and technique that she uses to bury her ends. This is a great tip and you should never have an issue with ends coming out if you follow along with Anne.

This video also shows you how you can correct your intarsia stitches before you finish your project to make it look professions.

Video Tutorial How to Finish Intarsia Perfectly:

Purchase Anne’s book:

Interested in learning more about Intarsia? Check out Anne’s book called Annetarsia. Anne has created her own technique for intarsia that helps eliminate some of the common problems that knitters have with intarsia. Be sure to try out her book!

Other Intarsia Videos:

FREE Intarsia Blanket Pattern using Chic Sheep by Marly Bird:

When Chic Sheep by Marly Bird first launched Anne was kind enough to design a BEAUTIFUL intarsia blanket. This blanket uses EACH of the 24 colors in the Chic Sheep line. I absolutely love this blanket. Head over to the Chic Sheep Dream Blanket blog post to get the free pattern.

FREE Knit Pattern: Chic Sheep Dream Blanket

Anne has also designed a beautiful cardigan for the MarlyBird.com website as well. Check out the Chic Highland Argyle Cardigan pattern.

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