Valentine Pattern Roundup

Valentine Pattern Roundup

There are so many cute patterns out there that relate to Valentine’s day. I wanted to put together a few of my patterns that would be able to fit the bill if you are looking for something new this year. Below you will find my Valentine Pattern Roundup.

Valentine Pattern Roundup-with Hearts:

My Heart Throb blanket is a perfect start for your Valentine’s day. This is a FREE pattern from Red Heart Yarn made in Red Heart Super Saver.

Super Saver is an affordable yarn that comes in 132 colors allowing you to customize this blanket anyway you want. Although it was made in pinks you could make it in any color that makes your heart happy.

This pattern is different from the other C2C(corner to corner) patterns that you have seen. Rather than using double crochet, I prefer the half double for my patterns. If you haven’t tried the C2C technique before, you can take a look at my post about how to make a corner to corner blanket.

If you would like something for your kids with hearts I have the perfect hat for you to make. The Cherish Baby Hat was realized in Crochet Today! in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue.Cherish Baby Hat by Marly Bird

The hearts around the crown of the hat make it the perfect choice for your project this Valentine’s Day. If you have the magazine be sure to dig out this issue and make this cute hat for your little one today.

First Crush Bath Mat by Marly BirdAlso with a heart theme you can make my First Crush Bath Mat, also a Crochet Today! pattern. The bath mat was in the May/June 2013 issue. Made out of Red Heart Super Saver you again have so many choices in colors to fit the room that you make it for.

To create the heart image you will create small square motifs and then join them together to make the heart and surrounding border. Since it is made of small motifs this is a great travel project that you can pack up one color to work on while you travel.

Another Crochet Today! Valentine’s pattern is my Sweetheart Mittens. The heart on the inside add just a little touch of love to this project. In the photo you see the heart on the palm of the hand but you could put the heart on the outside if you like that better.

You can find this pattern in the Sep/Oct 2012 issue of Crochet Today! Many are still experiencing some winter weather and these would be a cute way to keep your hands warm until we get into Spring.

Valentine Pattern Roundup-Shawls:

The next few patterns in my Valentine Pattern Roundup do not have hearts but are perfect for your date night. Another FREE pattern from Cherry Blossom Shawl by Marly BirdRed Heart Yarns is my Cherry Blossom Shawl.

This crochet project has climbing vine lace through the middle and included some crocodile stitches to start the pattern. Designed in Red Heart Heart and Sole this lace weight shawl is the perfect accessory to keep you warm now and through the spring. Not only can you use it as a shawl but you can scrunch it up and use it as a scarf during these cold winter months.

Cherry Shawl by Marly BirdMost of the patterns that I have shared are crochet but I do have a special shawl for the knitters out there. The Cherry Shawl is the perfect option for knitters to make for their special date night. This pattern was first released in Your Knitting Life June/July 2012.

Valentine Pattern Roundup-Purse:

To wrap up my Valentine Pattern Roundup I wanted to give you another accessory to take with you on date night. My Red Hot Purse is a great little purse that you could put your essentials in to take with you. This Red Hot Purse by Marly Birdis a quick pattern that you could make for this weekend.

The Red Hot Purse gives you the opportunity to learn something new as well. I designed the pattern to have beads on the front flap. If you haven’t crochet with beads before you can check out my creativebug tutorial.Bead Crochet creativebug tutorial with Marly Bird

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