5th Annual Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023

The One With All The Sweaters!

As the first whispers of autumn breezes begin to rustle the leaves, we are thrilled to unveil the 5th annual Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023! This event arrives perfectly timed with the seasonal transition and upcoming holiday travels, inviting you to craft cozy cover-ups that will be the envy of all. Whether you’re a knitter or a crocheter, a delightful treat awaits you!

Crafting sweaters has always held a special place in my heart. And there’s something magical about being enveloped in a self-made embrace, particularly during the crisp fall months. The alchemy of transforming textured yarn into wearable art is a journey that never ceases to amaze and inspire.

Relax – It’s Therapy

During the pandemic, many of us turned to knitting and crocheting as therapeutic outlets, finding solace in the rhythm of every stitch. These crafts became more than hobbies; they were lifelines in a sea of uncertainty. Now, years post-lockdown, our community of budding artisans is yearning for fresh challenges and avenues to channel their creativity.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your own closet with unique, self-made garments or crafting gifts that carry a piece of your heart, this Make-Along caters to all your creative desires. It’s more than just an event; it’s a celebration of skill, community, and the joy of creation.

Join us in the annual Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 and embark on a journey to craft a piece that you’ll cherish and wear with pride. As the leaves turn and the air grows colder this year, let’s come together to create something warm, beautiful, and uniquely ours.


🦃 Join the Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 🧶🪡

Get ready to stitch up some fun this Thanksgiving! The Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 is a thrilling, free online event for both knitters and crocheters. Celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving weekend by creating alongside a community of passionate crafters.

Promotional image with two mannequins, each displaying a handcrafted top, one knitted and one crocheted. On the left is a knitted top with short sleeves in a gradient of blues, suggesting a cool, casual style. On the right is a crocheted top featuring short sleeves and a vibrant mix of pink and orange hues, creating a warm, lively look. Between the mannequins, the words 'KNIT & CROCHET' are boldly printed in a speckled, textured font on a soothing turquoise background, with arrows pointing towards the respective garments, emphasizing the craft techniques used for each.

🌟 What’s a Make-Along?

Well, it’s a cozy gathering of knitters and crocheters, all working on similar projects at the same time. This year, we’re thrilled to present a choice between a knit and a crochet pattern. Both patterns will create sweaters, perfect for the sweater weather season. Choose one, or challenge yourself with both, and let’s create something beautiful together!

💫 Silver Platter Experience – The VIP upgrade

While the event is free, you can enhance your crafting journey with a VIP upgrade. Step into the MarlyBirdHouse with the Silver Platter Experience, where you’ll find specialized content, in-depth tutorials, and a community of fellow enthusiasts.

Choose between the Knitting or Crochet VIP for $21, or indulge in the
Ultimate BiCrafty Silver Platter Experience for just $29!

To learn more about the Silver Platter Experience and see what’s included, click the link below ⬇️

Promotional banner for the 'Turkey Trot with Marly Bird Silver Platter Experience.' The banner shows a whimsical illustration featuring a cartoon polar bear seated at a dining table with a platter of yarn balls and crochet accessories in place of food. The bear appears joyous, holding a crochet hook and yarn, ready to start crafting. The background is a festive turquoise with delicate swirl patterns, transitioning to a starry night sky design towards the right where 'Silver Platter Experience' is written in a bold, glittery font.
Learn more about this event directly from Marly and Robyn.
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📆 Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 Event Schedule

Mark your calendars! The event unfolds over six days during Thanksgiving week 2023. Each day, a new part of instructions + video tutorial is released to work along with the Marly’s Minions community

**free pattern link can be found here on this blog post below**

🎉 How to Join

  • Sign up for the Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along here.
  • Join the Marly’s Minions Facebook Group to chat and share your progress. *Make sure you answer all the questions and acknowledge you agree to the rules, or the moderators will not let you in the group!
  • Gather your materials – check out the list below for guidance.
  • Add your project to Ravelry: Knitting | Crochet.
  • Keep an eye on this blog starting Nov. 22, 2023, for the kickoff and daily instructions.
  • Share your progress and connect with others using hashtags #MBTurkeyTrot2023, #MarlyBird, and #MMMDI on Facebook and Instagram.

**Links to each section of the pattern are at the bottom of this post**

🌈 Get Ready for a Crafting Adventure!

Whether you’re joining for the camaraderie, the challenge, or the sheer joy of crafting, the Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience. So, grab your knitting needles or crochet hooks, and let’s trot into this creative journey together!

Continue to the materials list below for the sweater you want to make.

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The Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 – The Materials

Here’s everything you’ll need for the free sweater patterns we’re creating in this year’s Turkey Trot event. We encourage you to carefully consider the provided sizes and the recommended ease for each to determine the most flattering fit for your unique shape.

Collage of four images showcasing the two free sweater patterns for the Marly Bird Turkey Trot 2023. Top left and top right images display a knit sweater with a pink, orange, and purple color scheme, featuring horizontal stripes and button details on the front. The bottom left and bottom right images show a crochet sweater in shades of blue, with a textured pattern and ombre effect. The knit sweater is laid flat in one image and presented on a mannequin in the other, while the crochet sweater is displayed on a mannequin and in a close-up detail shot. The blue crochet sweater has a round neckline and the pink knit sweater has a crew neckline with buttons.

The yarn we used for both the knit and crochet Turkey Trot free version is Caron Macchiato Cakes ….and they’re Exclusive to Michaels!!

Image displaying two balls of Caron Macchiato Cakes yarn. On the left is the 'Soulful' colorway, featuring shades of blue from deep navy to light heather, creating a serene and sophisticated effect. On the right is the 'Bewitch' colorway, a harmonious blend of pinks, purples, and subtle hints of orange, evoking a warm, enchanting feel. Both yarn cakes show a smooth gradient transition, perfect for creating richly textured and colorful knitted or crocheted garments.

But as always, we know you like options for different yarns. And it just so happens our friends over at WeCrochet & KnitPicks are having a HUGE sale too! So here are your supply lists for the free versions of Marly Bird Turkey Trot 2023.

black glitter bar used as a divider on the marly bird website
Image showcases the 'Bewitch' color variant of Caron Macchiato Cakes yarn, arranged in a rustic woven basket beside the completed 2XL size Shoop Shoop Shoop Knit Cardigan by Marly Bird, part of the Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023. The yarn features a mesmerizing palette of purples, pinks, and oranges, reminiscent of a sunset. The cardigan laid flat reveals a gradient stripe pattern with delicate button details along the edge, highlighting the yarn's transition of colors and the cozy, handcrafted quality of the garment.

Shoop, Shoop, Shoop Knit Cardigan

This year, our sweater names draw inspiration from memorable Thanksgiving episodes of the beloved TV show “Friends.” Do you recognize the reference behind this particular name?

We’re featuring a cardigan-style sweater for the free pattern in this year’s Turkey Trot. It boasts a straightforward garter stitch with raglan yoke shaping, incorporates effortless yet striking stitch patterns along the lower body, and is finished with chic cap sleeves.

⭐️ The Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 | Shoop, Shoop, Shoop Supply List ⭐️


Adventurous Beginner


Finished Sweater Measurements

Bust (buttoned): 31¾ (36¼, 40¼, 43¾, 48¾, 52¼, 56¼, 62½, 67¾)” [80.5 (92, 102, 111, 124, 132.5, 143, 159, 172) cm] to fit with 0-2″ of ease



Sample Yarn Used: Caron, Macchiato Cakes (80% acrylic, 20% wool, 481 yds / 440 m, 8 oz / 227 g CYCA #5X bulky) — 2 (2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4) cakes for Free cap-sleeve version; color Bewitch

❣️ The VIP version has optional long sleeves which requires more yarn. For the long sleeved version you need a total of 2 (2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4) cakes. Yes, it is a bit more for some sizes. If you think you will be doing the sleeved version or adding length to the cardigan, I would get an bit extra. But you know me, I always say get an extra ball just in case.

Promotional image for the VIP access of the Turkey Trot 2023 with Marly Bird, highlighting an exclusive offer to 'GET BOTH KNIT CARDIGANS.' Featured are two mannequins showcasing the knit cardigans: to the left is a teal-colored cardigan with button details and textured stitching; to the right is a cardigan with a gradient of pink, purple, and orange stripes. A turquoise backdrop complements the garments, and pink arrows emphasize the VIP option, suggesting the special opportunity for participants to obtain both patterns.

​Good alternative yarns (one color is suggested for the entire piece) —

➡️ Wool of the Andes Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4ai2l

➡️ Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4a1ip

➡️ Swish Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4agh8

✨I will note…I made the VIP knitting sample out of the Swish Bulky, which is magical!✨

➡️ Brava Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4av95

➡️ Wonderfluff Ombre: https://shrsl.com/4av96

➡️ Billow Cotton: https://shrsl.com/4awi0 This one I am the least certain about because it is thick and thin, but there was a request for a cotton option


U.S. 10 [6 mm] circular needle 36″ [81.28 cm] or longer, set of double-pointed needles in same size, or size required for gauge

Note: Body of cardigan is worked back and forth in rows; a long circular needle is used to hold the full length of the sts. I actually suggest getting 60″ [152.4 cm] length needles. Double-pointed needles are used for the sleeve edgings.​


  • Removable stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle
  • 5 (5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8) buttons approx 1” [2.5 cm] in diameter (We also love these buttons from Jul)
  • Scrap Yarn to Hold Stitches
  • Basic Blocking Supplies
  • (Optional) 1/4″ [1 cm] to 1″ [2.5 cm] wide grosgrain ribbon and matching thread to reinforce button band
schematic for the Shoop, Shoop, Shoop Knit Cardigan by Marly Bird
black glitter bar used as a divider on the marly bird website
Close-up image of the Trifle Crochet Sweater laid flat, a project from the Turkey Trot 2023 event by Marly Bird. The sweater features a gradient of blue hues, from light sky blue to deep navy, with textured stitch patterns creating horizontal stripes across the body. The cap sleeves and neckline exhibit a ribbed finish, complementing the overall design. The garment is showcased against a white wooden background, highlighting the detailed craftsmanship of the crochet work.

Trifle Crochet Sweater

This season, our sweater creations are whimsically titled after classic Thanksgiving episodes from the series “Friends.” Are you able to spot the connection with this specific name?

The complimentary offering for this year’s Turkey Trot is a charming sweater featuring uncomplicated shaping, straightforward stitch accents, and stylish cap sleeves.

⭐️ The Marly Bird Turkey Trot Make-Along 2023 | Trifle Crochet Sweater Supply List ⭐️


Adventurous Beginner


Finished Sweater Measurements

Bust is 40 (46, 52, 57.5, 63, 69, 75)” [101.5, 117, 132, 146, 160, 175.5, 190.5 cm] to fit with 6-15” [15-38 cm] of positive ease.


Sample Yarn Used: Caron, Macchiato Cakes (80% acrylic, 20% wool, 481 yds / 440 m, 8 oz / 227 g CYCA #5X bulky)– 2 (2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4) cakes for Free cap-sleeve version; color Bewitch

❣️The VIP version has optional long or 3/4 length sleeves as well as a v-neck, cowl, and split collar neck.  If you make the long or 3/4 sleeves or the cowl neck you will require more yarn. We suggest getting 1 extra cake for a total of 3 (3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5) cakes.  But you know me, I always say get an extra ball just in case.

Promotional image for the VIP access of the Turkey Trot 2023, offering an exclusive deal to 'GET BOTH CROCHET SWEATERS.' The image features two mannequins on a turquoise background, one displaying a blue ombre crochet sweater with short sleeves, and the other adorned with a long-sleeved crochet sweater with a cowl neck in a palette of purple, pink, and orange hues. Pink and teal arrows point to each sweater, emphasizing the option for VIP participants to obtain both crochet patterns.

​Good alternative yarns (one color is suggested for entire piece) —

➡️ Wool of the Andes Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4ai2l

➡️ Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4a1ip

➡️ Swish Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4agh8

➡️ Brava Bulky: https://shrsl.com/4av95

➡️ Wonderfluff Ombre: https://shrsl.com/4av96

➡️ Caron Blossom Cake: Available at Michael’s


Size J/10 [6.0 mm] or size needed to obtain gauge.


schematic for the Trifle Crochet Sweater
black glitter bar used as a divider on the marly bird website

🦃 ⇨ Instructions for Each Day Listed Below ⇦ 🦃

Remember: if you have upgraded to VIP the full ad-free pdf is available for download in the course; and each days ad-free video tutorial is a lesson inside the daily modules in the course.

Join the Only Knitting or Only Crochet for only $21.

Or get the Ultimate VIP Experience and join the BiCrafty Collection – Silver Platter Experience $29!

Promotional graphic for the BiCrafty Collection of the Turkey Trot event, featuring an array of offerings. The collage includes full-color photos and close-ups of knit and crochet sweaters, detailed written instructions with charts and diagrams, and $10 vouchers for the Marly Bird Ravelry Store. A central image of Marly Bird in a video tutorial, with captions indicating closed-captioned, high-resolution video content specific to the projects. Additional perks highlighted are easy-to-use online platform access and bonus patterns, all underscored by a 'Best Value Award' badge, emphasizing the comprehensive and valuable nature of the collection.

Are there PRIZES?

Oh yes, there will be prizes!!! After the final clue is released (11/27/23) you will then have a week to complete your project.

Any finished project image that is posted on the special thread in the Marly’s Minions Facebook group will be entered for a chance to win… Yes, you can post on Instagram as well, but you MUST use the hashtag! #MarlyBirdTurkeyTrot2023

bitmoji of Marly Bird in an open box and bow on the side

Criteria for the chance to win:

You must have a finished project by 11:59 pm ET, DECEMBER 4, 2023!

A photo of your finished project must be posted in the Marly’s Minions group in the photo thread (if you post your photo anywhere else, it will not be an entry to win). ETA: you can post on Instagram as well, but you MUST use the hashtag!

There is 1 prize for every 50 entries. What does that mean? If 100 people enter photos on the special thread, we will give away two prizes. If 500 people enter photos of their finished project on the special thread we will give out 10 prizes!!! There will be a maximum giveaway of 20 total prizes.

All the winners will be randomly selected and the winners will be announced on Dec. 8th on the Marly’s Minions FB Group.

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