Tunisian Crochet Resources

What’s a little bit like crochet, a little bit like knitting, and a lot of fun? Tunisian crochet, of course! You use a special crochet hook, sometimes even a double-ended one, and pull loops onto it like you might with knitting. The fabric is totally unique, and people who enjoy either or both crafts also often love all of the possibilities that open up with this niche craft. We wanted to share our roundup of Tunisian crochet resources with you today.

What Is Tunisian Crochet?

In this post, we tell you all about Tunisian crochet and why it’s the ultimate bicrafty craft. You learn to take the skills you already have from either or both crafts (crochet and knitting) and use them in a new way. This allows you to create new fabrics compared to the other crafts. For example, you could use a crochet color chart with Tunisian crochet and get a similar, but much more elongated, design. If you like the look of knitting but the technique of looping with your hook, you might really enjoy this technique.

Tools For Tunisian

What do you need for Tunisian crochet? To start learning the basics, you don’t need anything different than your usual crochet hooks. However, you’ll want to get a set of Tunisian crochet hooks for most projects. These are the same as regular crochet hooks in terms of size. For example, your go-to might be a size G Tunisian crochet hook. However, the Tunisian crochet hook shaft is longer than usual, allowing you to hold your loops on the hook as needed. In some instances, you might also want a double-ended Tunisian crochet hook. We’ll be creating a brand new post about this for you soon.

Where To Learn This Crochet Technique

Camp Colorwork - Crochet Colorwork Charts - sample in 2 colors

Keep your eyes peeled (or sign up for our newsletter) for the chance to dive deep into Tunisian crochet soon. In the meantime, though, one of the best ways to start learning Tunisian crochet is to check out the related modules in Camp Colorwork.

Tunisian Crochet Patterns

A roundup of Tunisian crochet resources would be incomplete without patterns you can use to explore the possibilities of the craft. Here are some of our favorites:

Tunisian crochet cap sleeve tank pattern

Tunisian crochet clothing and accessories patterns allow you to elevate your wardrobe with this technique. Make yourself things that you can wear!

Tunisian crochet baby blanket pattern

Tunisian crochet blanket patterns offer the chance to really sink your teeth into this great technique.

Cushion cover pattern

These Tunisian crochet home patterns allow you to utilize the technique to dress up your decor. There are small projects as well as larger ones.

I also have a couple of Marly Bird CALs that use Tunisian crochet:

Tunisian Crochet Books

Tunisian crochet books

Of course, some people love to learn and get patterns from books. That’s why we have a Tunisian crochet books roundup. We also have some specific reviews for Tunisian Crochet Projects and Tunisian Crochet Workshop.

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