Trend Alert: Crochet and Knit Bodiless Sweaters

So, have you seen this new trend that’s been popping up? It’s the trend best known as the bodyless sweater or bodiless jumper. Did we just spell that two different ways? Yes, we did! Because we want to make sure that even when you can’t remember how to spell bodiless, you can still find us! lol, However, you might also see it called the super cropped top. And there are variations, such as the body-less hoodie. Whatever you call it, it’s a top that includes a neck (sometimes but not always a turtleneck) and long-sleeve arms but doesn’t generally have much of a body at all. This trend is mostly in athleisure and streetwear, but we see it cropping up as crochet and knit bodiless sweaters. In fact, some have pointed out it likely started as a crochet/knit trend before hitting the runways and stores. What do you think?

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What Is a Bodiless Sweater?

As described above, it’s basically just a neck and arms. Sometimes, there’s a turtleneck. Sometimes, there’s a hood. However, there’s no body, per se. There’s just a tiny bit of fabric across the neckline but above the cleavage area.

So, basically, if you took a sweatshirt and cut off the body from armpit to armpit, getting rid of everything below the tops of the breasts, you’d have a super crop top or bodyless sweater.

You might see the back cropped as short as the front or a bit longer in a high-low style.

How Do You Wear Super Cropped Tops?

Obviously, you have to wear super crop tops, including crochet and knit bodiless sweaters, over something else. Otherwise, you’d be baring your whole chest to the world! You don’t wear them alone.

You often see them worn over a sports bra, yoga tank, or swimsuit tops. Then, you need bottoms, which might be swimwear, yoga pants, track pants, jeans, or a skirt.

You can also wear them over any shirt or dress you’d like. They’re usually fitted in the arms. This makes them easier to wear over fitted tops and dresses or sleeveless ones than to try to tuck long flowy sleeves underneath them. We’ve also seen them worn over overalls and jumpers. These work whenever you want to show off your whole outfit and still have cozy warm sweater sleeves.

Finding Crochet and Knit Bodiless Sweaters Patterns

If you’re looking for patterns for crochet and knit bodiless sweaters, make sure you look under various names. ‘Super crop’ and ‘bodiless’ are the most common terms. However, you might also see what designers offer under ‘bolero,’ ‘shrug,’ and ‘arm warmers.’ Although these terms typically refer to other top styles, some designers use these names to describe their super crop knit and crochet sweaters.

Browsing on Etsy, we’ve seen more crochet bodyless sweater patterns than knit ones.

Color Blocked Crochet Bodyless Sweater Pattern

color blocked crochet super crop top pattern

SamLittleBuds on Etsy offers these really cute color-blocked crochet bodiless sweater patterns. This one has a classic sweater neckline. See the sleeve cuffs in the same color as the neck? The two uniquely well-shaped arms are each a different color. This is a great spring or summer crochet item for layering over your other clothes when it gets chilly out.

Super Crop Crochet Top Pattern

super crochet crop top pattern

MagentaArtyWorkshop on Etsy sells this super crochet crop top pattern. This one has looser sleeves, which offer a great casual look. The back is slightly longer than the front for a bit of a high-low super cropped top design.

Front Twist Half Sweater Crochet Pattern

crochet half sweater pattern

‘Half sweater’ is another name for crochet and knit bodiless sweater patterns. This one has a cozy turtleneck. What really makes it interesting, though, is the front twist. Remember when Mobius cowls were trending? The same concept applies to this sweater front. This one is by Autumn Olive Crochet on Etsy.

Bohemian Crochet and Knit Bodiless Sweater Patterns

Bohemian Crochet and Knit Bodyless Sweater Patterns

This crochet pattern by CamexiaDesigns on Etsy is inspired by bohemian fashion. It has loose bell sleeves that harken back to the 1970s. The yarn choice adds to the effect. And yet, because it’s a super crop, it’s right on trend today. The same designer offers a knit version of this pattern as well:

So, what do you think of this trend?

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