TL Yarn Crafts Joins Marly on the Yarn Thing Podcast

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About Toni Lipsey

Toni Lipsey is the heart and hands behind all things TL Yarn Crafts. Toni spends every possible moment creating new crochet designs, teaching the craft, and connecting with all the makers she possibly can.

TL Yarn Crafts was born in 2013 out of Toni’s desire to build community around her craft and share her excitement and experiences with other creatives. You’ll find a collection of beginner to intermediate level crochet patterns alongside maker gifts like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and pinback buttons inside the TL Yarn Crafts shop.

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird and special guest Toni of TL Yarn Crafts

Find Toni Online in the Following Locations

Listen to the Show

Want to watch live on YouTube? Be sure to tune in at 10am MST on the Marly Bird YouTube channel. If you can’t watch live that is okay, just catch the replay for your chance to win. Towards the end of the live show you will hear how to enter to win some amazing prizes from our guests.

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird Live on YouTube


Be sure to watch the full episode to learn how you can enter to win a prize. You must comment on this blog post and use the keyword.

FINE PRINT: While we LOVE your comments on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Ravelry and everywhere else we will only count the comments made on this blog post as entries. Please only one comment per person. We will email the winner directly so please make sure that you enter your email address correctly. You will have 48 hours from when the email is sent to claim your prize or we will pick a new winner.

Yarn Thing Podcast Past Episodes

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  1. Tonia Brock says:

    I’m so glad I caught this show and got to learn more about Toni. That Harper bucket is gorgeous! If I’m not the winner I’ll be heading over to purchase once it’s live.

  2. Ina Pupo says:

    Hi Marly & Toni, it was a pleasure to watch you both today. Keep doing what you do, I know that I appreciate all that you both. That Harper bucket is gorgeous. Sending virtual hug from Orlando, Florida.

  3. Donna says:

    I really enjoyed the pod cast today!! Marly, your interviews are wonderful!! Enjoyed learning about Toni Lipsey. Thanks for a chance to win the Harper tote pattern. Have a great week friends.

  4. Kathleen Champ says:

    Hi Marly, Such a pleasure to meet Toni, Thank you Marly. As a true Bag Lady I was So excited to see this because I’ve not crocheted in 8 months. After a wrist brake I tried to get my crojo back and honestly it felt like a million dollar firecracker that played out in a roadrunner cartoon, fizzle stick! Looking forward to putting this wrist recovery back to good use! I’ll admit when I heard the heard the key word was harper.i laughed and thought how much I was dating myself. Because my first thought was Harper Valley PTAby Jeannie Riley. I still get a kick or off that song. A single momma not allowing judgemental town to stop her in doing for her girl!
    Have a blessed day, Kathleen

  5. Heather Spinden says:

    Love the podcast. Got to learn more about Toni. Toni is an inspiration to us all and love the Harper Bag.

  6. Libby says:

    Toni, you make me want to try Tunisian again. Was not happy with my first try but I really want that Harper Bag!!!

  7. Sharon Osborne says:

    I love Toni’s designs….my first wearable was the Sweater Weather cardi. I love it!! I will be making the Harper bag soon…I love bags and totes! Loved listening to you ladies!

  8. Candy Chambers says:

    I have been watching TL Yarn crafts for about a year now. I never made the connection that Toni was who I was watching on Knit and Crochet Now. Wow I feel like such a goober. Lol. I love the Harper bag. I learned Tunisian crochet a few years ago. I made my mom a round blanket doing Tunisian. I designed it myself and I am very proud of it. Love you both.

  9. Apple Walton says:

    Hello Marly and Toni,
    I didn’t get to see the podcast until later today and I’m glad I got to watch it. Toni, I’ll telling my age but I do believe when I first started knitting in H.S. the now Tunisian crochet was called the Afghan stitch, correct me if I’m wrong. I had a friend who always made afghans and would crossstitch on them and I could not grasp how she did it but now after watching some of your you tube videos I’m slowly understanding the technique better. I really like the Harper bag. Toni, I’m from Dayton, OH.

  10. NerakofTexas says:

    Hello Ladies!
    Thank you for the podcast and a chance to win the Harper Pattern.
    Stay safe!

  11. Mary Thompson says:

    Enjoyed the podcast very much.I’ve seen Toni on TV and never connected her to the program.Love her work. HARPER

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