Cutest Cotton Crochet T-Shirt Pattern Ever

The Ashley Sweater is one of the most adorable crochet shirt patterns I’ve ever designed. It’s a pullover crochet t-shirt made in cotton yarn, so it’s really perfect for summer. You can easily use it as a layering piece, making it versatile during other seasons. What makes it extra cute is the buttoned neckline flap that creates a unique, flattering, fun design that sets it apart from other crochet shirt patterns. Let me share more about this cotton crochet t-shirt pattern with you…

A Cotton Crochet T-Shirt Is Your Perfect Layering Piece

There’s a reason that cotton t-shirts are staples of most people’s wardrobes: they’re comfy and easy to wear. You can style them up or down, of course. However, they’re particularly great for casual days running errands, playing with pets and kids, and just going about your day. This cotton crochet t-shirt pattern embodies all of that.

Note that the body of the shirt does have an openwork design. It’s similar to granny stitch or a series of shell stitches, although it’s not quite either. (You’ll see exactly how to work it, of course, in the pattern instructions.) It has open spaces that create a sort of fun checkerboard design. That said, it means that you can see skin beneath the t-shirt. Therefore, you’ll likely want to layer it over a cami, tank top, lighter tee, or swimsuit top.

Learn how to easily sew your own under layers for knit and crochet clothing.

Choosing Cotton Yarn For Your Tee

I designed this using Fibra Natura 100% organic cotton DK weight yarn. Other similar yarns that you might want to check out include:

  • CotLin. The only fiber better for summer than cotton might be linen, and this is a blend of both of those great yarns. If you like indigo dyes, check out the line of CotLin Reflections colors. Or get it Bare and then dye it yourself.
  • Patons Grace. This is 100% mercerized cotton yarn. It comes in lots of great colors to make your crochet t-shirt
  • Bernat Softee Cotton. This is an affordable acrylic and cotton yarn blend.

Simple Construction, But Special In The Details

It’s easy to make this cotton crochet t-shirt pattern. You work one piece from front to back, then seam it up the sides. It’s super simple. However, we end up with a special garment by paying attention to the details. In particular, the decorative neckline makes this a piece that you’ll feel excited to wear. It’s just so cute!

On one side, you have a basic open square neckline. Then you have an asymmetrical lapel that pins down at the corner, creating the design. It’s simple, not flamboyant, yet you probably haven’t crocheted this design before, right? That’s what makes it something special.

The neck detail is designed using a different color than the rest of the pattern. This makes it really stand out. Of course, you could make it in the same color as the body of the t-shirt if you wanted a slightly more subtle effect.

Get The Cotton Crochet T-shirt Pattern

This cotton crochet t-shirt pattern is ➡️ available on Ravelry. You’ll see that the instructions are written for nine different sizes in an effort to be inclusive.

two color cotton tee made in cotton yarn. Premium Pattern by Marly Bird

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