Textured Triangle Shawl Knit-Along

Announcing the Spring 2017 Textured Triangle Shawl Knit-Along:

It is almost time for another knit-along! This time we will be knitting the Textured Triangle Shawl designed by Diane Moyer, a FREE pattern on Red Heart’s website. The shawl is made using Soft Essentials yarn, available exclusively at Michaels stores and Red Heart’s website.

The format of this Knit-Along will be the same as in the past. We will run the event for four weeks and each week, starting May 3rd, you will get a new video tutorial from me and the written instructions for that section. I will break the pattern down into manageable sections and be here for your questions along the way. I am so excited to get started on the Texture Triangle Shawl Knit-Along with you.

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Textured Triangle Shawl Knit-Along

The Textured Triangle Shawl is a great project for those of you looking to expand your knitting skills. We will work on knitted lace in this project. Finished shawl measures 70″ [178 cm] at widest top edge and 30″ [76 cm] at longest point at center back, so it’s one-size-fits-all. With the shawl being one-size-fits-all you won’t have to worry about making adjustments in size. Join us in the Textured Triangle Shawl Knit-Along and you will have a wonderful spring wardrobe staple to use on cool nights and in air conditioned buildings.

Textured Triangle Shawl Pattern in RavelryAs we get started head over to Ravelry and add the pattern to your favorites and your project list. Add a picture of your supplies so that we can see what everyone will be working with. You can also share this on the Knit-Along Facebook page.

Use the hashtag #MarlyBirdKAL to share your projects! A knit-along, or KAL, is a group of people coming together to knit the same project in the same timeframe. If you start late or knit slower, that’s OK! All of the material will stay available for free. Be sure to join the Facebook group so that you know when each section is going to be live and you can ask all of your questions there.


For this project you will need to get a few supplies before we begin. Pick up your supplies now so you’ll be ready to go when the KAL starts! Take advantage of the special offer Red Heart is offering for anyone planning to participate in the Spring 2017 Textured Triangle Shawl Knit-Along.

Use the promo code KALMARLY20 from April 6-20, 2017 for 20% off purchases of Soft Essentials yarn on redheart.com.

  • RED HEART Soft Essentials: 3 balls in color of your choice
  • Susan Bates Circular Knitting Needle: 8mm [US 11], 29″ [74 cm] long
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch markers
  • FREE Textured Triangle Shawl Pattern

The original shawl in the written pattern was made in the color 7420 Charcoal. For the Textured Triangle Shawl Knit-Along I am knitting one in 7520 Teal, and the Red Heart team will be sharing photos of one in 7405 Greyhound. Any color of Soft Essentials works for this shawl. I can’t wait to see what color you pick for your shawl.


Starting on May 3rd I will post a new video each week on my YouTube channel. Subscribe to my channel now so you know when the new videos are live. I will also post about the new videos in the Facebook group. There will also be a blog post each week with all of the information so that you can following along. Be sure to get your yarn and supplies now so you are ready. Don’t forget your pattern so that you can follow along with the free PDF pattern.

Week 1 Wednesday, May 3
Garter Tab, Set-Up Rows, Section One

Week 2 Wednesday, May 10
Section Two

Week 3 Wednesday, May 17
Section Three

Week 4 Wednesday, May 24
Section Four and Finishing


As with all of the Knit-Alongs and Crochet-Alongs that I conduct with Red Heart there are many opportunities for you to win prizes. In order to be eligible for the giveaways all you need to do is post your progress pictures each week in the Marly Bird KAL Facebook group. Each week we will choose one winner to receive a $25 prize pack from Red Heart. One week after the final video is posted we’ll ask you to share a photo of your finished shawl, and we’ll choose 3 winners to each win a $50 prize pack from everyone who finished.

To enter: Post your picture of your in-progress shawl in the Facebook group before Tuesday at 11:59pm Mountain Time (Marly’s time zone) to be entered. Winners will be announced on Wednesdays. We will have reminders in the group so that you have a chance to add your photo.

Week 1: Post your progress picture by Tuesday, May 9; 1 winner of a $25 prize pack announced Wednesday, May 10
Week 2: Post your progress picture by Tuesday, May 16; 1 winner of a $25 prize pack announced Wednesday, May 17
Week 3: Post your progress picture by Tuesday, May 23; 1 winner of a $25 prize pack announced Wednesday, May 24
Week 4: Post your completed shawl picture by Tuesday, May 30; 3 winners of $50 prize packs announced Wednesday, May 31

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    • MarlyBird135 says:

      I hope that you can join us. It is a beautiful shawl and will introduce you to lace knitting. It is going to be a lot of fun!!

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      Yes you can use many different yarns for this project. Just remember if you are going to change from the yarn in the pattern you will need to swatch to see if there will be a difference in size. You can gladly make it a different size by changing the yarn but be sure you know how much smaller it will be to make sure that you will enjoy it when you are finished.

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      Teal will make a beautiful shawl. Be sure to post pictures in the FB group so that we can all be inspired.

  1. Karen Carroll Butters says:

    This will be fun. Is the only thing I need to do is get my supplies and post a picture on the knit a long face book page? Do I need to “like” something to get the knit a long?

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      All you need to do is get your yarn and needles ready. You should join the FB group so that you know when the videos are live. The only other thing that you could do is to create a project in Ravelry. That is where we will be posting pictures as well. Be sure to add photos to the FB page so that you can be entered for the weekly progress giveaway. To enter all you need to do is post the section that we are working on that week. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1669777613282480/

    • MarlyBird135 says:

      You could try that if you like. I have not seen one completed that way but I did see a few people in the FB group purchasing a striped yarn to try.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Just curious… where exactly can I find the line by line instructions download? I printed the pattern, but cannot seem to find the line by line with stitch count and place to mark off when the row is completed. BTW… I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!!!

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